Marijuana Lounges Coming To Las Vegas But There Are Restrictions


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The state of Nevada opened its doors to legalized recreational marijuana back in 2017 which means that any person who is 21-years or older can buy cannabis (buds, concentrates, edibles, and so forth) for recreational use and not just medicinal.

If you have visited Las Vegas in the final handful of years then you possibly currently know this mainly because there are a lot of great dispensaries off the strip. I was there more than Halloween and didn’t have time to make it to the newly-opened World’s Biggest Dispensary but I strategy on receiving there subsequent time in I’m the desert.

On the strip, you do not actually uncover weed anyplace. Positive, there are these drug dealers who chill by the elevators at the hotels/casinos and supply to sell you something beneath the sun but the dispensaries are all off the strip and there’s nowhere to smoke your weed other than your hotel area balcony and I’m not even totally positive if that is permitted so do not quote me on that. This will all transform quickly.

Marijuana Lounges are coming to Las Vegas. Sounds great, correct? A location in Sin City exactly where you can get lifted with Samson, poke your smot, rip some heady dabs, and appreciate every thing Las Vegas has to supply! What is not there to appreciate about that?!?! Effectively, these marijuana lounges will not be almost as enjoyable as they sound on paper, at least not according to this report from ABC13.

The City Council authorized ‘social use venues’ for marijuana joining cities like San Francisco, Denver, and a handful of other individuals but the Vegas guidelines about these weed lounges and exactly where they’ll be situated appear quite strict, particularly by Las Vegas requirements.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Legal marijuana smokers will quickly be in a position to uncover lounges exactly where they can light up in Las Vegas – but not in casinos, not in locations serving alcohol, and not on the resort-lined Las Vegas Strip.
City spokesman Jace Radke stated it could take many months for the 20 or so licensed recreational marijuana sales dispensaries in Las Vegas to get permits to open hookah-style consumption lounges.

Lawmakers in surrounding Clark County who regulate the neon-lit Strip have thought of permitting lounges but decided in February to await guidelines from the state.
Gov. Steve Sisolak, a Democrat, is proposing the state legislature develop a Cannabis Compliance Board to oversee the market. The governor’s spokeswoman, Helen Kalla, stated Wednesday that consumption lounges would be an situation for the board to take into account.
The Las Vegas Evaluation-Journal reported the only City Council member to oppose the lounge concept was Stavros Anthony, a retired Las Vegas police captain.
The measure received police division assistance following a proposal to let alcohol sales inside lounges was scrapped.

State gaming regulators opposed the measure mainly because of issues about federal drug laws. The Nevada Gaming Commission has instructed casino license holders not to let marijuana use on their properties.
The city measure says lounges cannot be close to casinos, schools and churches. (by means of AP)

It sounds like the only places these marijuana lounges will be in a position to legally open up will be subsequent door to the current dispensaries which I’m positive is good news for the dispensary owners. But I guess that also clarifies my point about smoking on your balcony at the hotel.

The Nevada Gaming Commission instructed casino owners to not let marijuana use on their properties which undoubtedly consists of the hotel rooms. Will they enforce these guidelines if you are smoking inside of a smoking area? Hugely DOUBTFUL but it is nonetheless against the guidelines.

Even although the execution of these marijuana lounges in Las Vegas does not sound as great as I’d like it to be I’m nonetheless stoked that cities are moving in the correct path and additional away from prohibition each and every and each and every day. For far more on this, you can click right here for the report.


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