A Sea of Inexperienced (Marijuana Crime Drama/Full Film)

In 2014 the marijuana crime drama and cult basic was launched on DVD and now you’ll be able to see the film in HD without cost.

From author/director Myster DL comes a narrative about Philip Waters.   Struggling to make ends meat Philip decides to show to previous habits and promote an unique pressure of marijuana generally known as “The Grim Reefer”.  Little does Philip know, he has gotten himself in too deep and shortly realizes he is not able to swim with the sharks.  Sadly, as quickly as blood is within the water the frenzy will start.   With police on his path Phil and his pals should depart their dwelling metropolis of Lowell, MA for the secluded hills of Humboldt County, CA.  Nonetheless, Philip is not able to disappear behind the Redwood Curtain and into A Sea of Inexperienced.  Prepared or not he should put together for this terrifying journey………..from seed to ash.

Film written, filmed, directed, produced and edited by Myster DL.

Movie co stars Cypress Hill, Onyx, Mike Epps, Lil Fame, Makempay, Dramatik, Normal Steele, Alias, Danny Danke of Excessive Occasions, Edo G, Termanology, Michael Marshall, Z Man, King Magnetic, Virtuoso, Reks, Rick Cusick, NBS, Machete, Jon Regul, Son B and extra.

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