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If you’ve ever puzzled why marijuana appears to gradual time down, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there these first few instances getting stoned. You’re sunk into the sofa subsequent to your buddy. The stays of a bowl are nonetheless wafting lazily within the air and also you’re misplaced in thought. All of the sudden you keep in mind that it’s important to run that errand this afternoon. However you’ve been right here for what looks like half the day already. You’re so late, you’d be shocked if the solar continues to be up.

You take a look at your telephone display screen for the time. It’s solely been 20 minutes?!?!

Being the deep thinker that you’re – particularly now that you simply’re stoned – you start to marvel what’s happening? Did you fall by means of a wormhole? Did you enter a deeper stage of Inception and also you neglect what mission Leonardo DiCaprio advised you to perform? Had been you kidnapped by aliens and returned to the sofa together with your reminiscence wiped? In the event you have been, would your buddy consider you? Or are they in on it too? You take a look at your buddy. They’re consuming cereal, presumably to throw off suspicion. Nevertheless, your buddy might be experiencing the identical shock you might be whereas wanting on the clock. It’s a on condition that smoking weed generally makes time drip previous, and different instances fly by. However why? The place does all that inside time go?

How Does Hashish Affect Time Notion

The reality is, at this second, nobody actually is aware of why cannabis impacts our notion of time so closely. As with most issues involving marijuana’s results on the human physique and thoughts, definitive analysis research are few and much between. It should in all probability stay this fashion into the close to future for a really primary motive; till federal prohibition of cannabis ends, there aren’t a variety of research being funded that permit researchers to provide unlawful medicine to folks totally free. That is regardless of the extensive, extensive pool of take a look at topics that might enroll straight away for a examine like that. (, for science.) 

Pocket Watch

There is not a lot analysis on cannabis and time notion simply but. photograph credit score

The few research that have been performed supply a tantalizing glimpse into the internal workings of how we measure time, and the way cannabis impacts it. In a single such examine measuring time estimation in human topics, it was proven that the phenomenon isn’t just anecdotal. Researchers gave college students THC intravenously, then offered them with distracting duties similar to counting the variety of letter Bs that appeared on their display screen in a randomized sequence of letters. The take a look at topics have been then requested to estimate how a lot time had handed. An amazing majority of take a look at topics guessed that extra time had handed than the time that was really recorded.

Nevertheless, the examine additionally discovered the time overestimation results have been blunted in topics that smoked pot extra continuously. So, we all know that it’s taking place, however the why continues to be unclear. One principle that’s displaying some promise revolves across the areas of your mind that regulates sleep and wake cycles, the “inside clock” generally known as your circadian rhythm. This organic course of controls if you go to mattress and if you get up, but in addition if you get hungry and a pair extra primary features. Your circadian rhythm is housed in a area of the mind known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).

Hashish and Circadian Rhythm

In a examine on mice brains and circadian rhythm, researchers found that the SCN neurons have endocannabinoid receptors – the place the molecular spaceship of THC docks into the area port of your neurotransmitters.

Researchers discovered that when THC binds with the SCN neurons, it causes the neurons to fireside extra continuously. In the identical examine, researchers launched THC molecules right into a petri dish of SCN neurons from mice brains. The THC induced the neurons to fireside 50% extra continuously than regular.

The scientists speculate that THC additionally causes the identical neurons in people to over-fire. This could mess with our inside clocks, which is what may trigger the shock once we take a look at an exterior clock. Whereas these outcomes appear promising, there’s simply not sufficient recognized about weed and its results on the mind to get any actual solutions.

Is Time Notion Affected Much less in Heavy Marijuana Shoppers?

So, why is it that heavy cannabis shoppers appear to be much less affected by the point overestimation results? Is it as a result of their SCN neurons get used to the THC, due to this fact they cease over-firing after repeated publicity? If that is so, would a frequent client of marijuana expertise the identical time estimation issues in the event that they took a tolerance break from the herb? Or may it’s that common weed people who smoke simply get used to having to inform time when stoned, because it’s important to being a functioning cannabis client in society?


There are lots of concepts as to why time notion is affected much less in heavy shoppers. photograph credit score

After all, a few research can’t cowl the expertise of all marijuana shoppers. Some frequent shoppers report feeling time stretch out each time they smoke weed. Others have even reported that some strains pace up their notion of time, making these clock palms twirl previous. Perhaps it isn’t associated to your time-telling neurons in any respect. One may speculate that being stoned does make it simpler to daydream or focus in on one concept, sparking your creativity and letting your ideas run away with you. It is also that being stoned impacts your quick time period reminiscence, letting time skip previous.

Ideas For Holding Observe of Time Whereas Excessive

Regardless of the precise trigger, if you end up experiencing some hassle with time after consuming cannabis, don’t fear about it. Lean into it and consider all of the issues you are able to do with these further moments. You’re identical to Adam Sandler within the film Click on, however it’s even higher as a result of as an alternative of a magic distant management you’re stoned and also you don’t have to study a lesson about household on the finish.

Consider all the advantages of slowing down time and getting misplaced within the second. Make that film into characteristic size or fall into that online game. Get into the attractive instances together with your associate. Toss a Frisbee or kick a soccer ball within the park with your folks. Take a while by the water. Or sit again and actually get into that album you haven’t listened to some time. Let these good instances roll.


Use marijuana’s time-bending properties to your benefit and keep productive! photograph credit score

Or, if you recognize that your pressure will pace issues up, consider all of the stuff you’d prefer to spend much less time at. If you recognize the DMV goes to be busy, your faculty lecture goes to be a nap, otherwise you’ve been roped into watching an expert chess match, why not quick ahead by means of the expertise? As soon as cannabis is federally authorized, its results on time estimation will almost certainly be delved into by researchers. More than likely, it will occur after the analysis into its useful results on PTSD, despair, nervousness, digestion, ache aid, and plenty of different well being points.

Within the meantime, in the event you do expertise that misplaced time from being underneath the affect of cannabis, simply get pleasure from it as one of many many advantages of being stoned. Don’t fear, it wasn’t aliens, time warps, or every other science fiction. Except, that’s what your buddy desires you to assume…

Have you ever observed cannabis have an effect on your skill to understand time? Share your experiences within the feedback beneath!

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