When to Harvest Hashish For Most Efficiency and Yield


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July 30, 2019

Rising cannabis has loads of steps concerned, harvesting is without doubt one of the final steps. It is vital to adequately harvest cannabis when it is prepared for optimum yields and efficiency. Our knowledgeable cannabis grower mates at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com have an in-depth when to reap weed information with footage that we extremely suggest for any newbie grower. They’ve taken the time to supply our readers with some harvesting marijuana ideas.

When To Harvest Weed

when to harvest marijuana

There are bodily modifications to the cannabis plant that may happen when it is time to harvest marijuana. The primary indicators is a shade change with the cannabis pistils to purple. A transparent indication that its time to reap is the leaves will flip yellow too. Additionally, the cannabis resin will begin to brown and darken. The time it takes for Sativa and Indica strains differ and ought to be considered earlier than beginning your develop. The Indica dominant strains are prepared to reap simply after eight weeks whereas Sativa dominant strains take an additional two weeks on common. Auto following choices can even take 10 weeks from seed to its harvest time.

How To Harvest Hashish

when to harvest cannabis

We suggest leaving the cannabis in the dead of night for 48 hours previous to reducing down. This avoids the THC from breaking down and improves the standard of the cannabis. Harvesting weed requires reducing the plant down and hanging the buds to dry in a darkish room. It is vital to maintain in a dry place with none mild reaching the cannabis whereas it dries. Keep away from excessive warmth temperatures and wind together with excessive humidity to keep away from any bud rot points. Humanity ought to be round 50%, and with a pleasant cool temperature at about 70 levels Fahrenheit.

Stems will now not bend and break aside simply when it is able to treatment. One other indication to treatment is the leafs will develop into crisp and break aside simply.


Prepare to drag out some trimmers and begin reducing the leaves across the bud. The secret is to take away as a lot cannabis leaves as potential with out reducing any of the bud. In case you do lower any elements of the buds together with leaves coated with trichomes, they will later be was cannabis butter. Also called the sugar leafs, they are often was hash too by utilizing a chilly water extraction methodology or butane. Now there are extra extraction strategies comparable to distillate and CO2 as different choices out there for making hash.


Curing your cannabis adequately is essential for good tasting cannabis with efficiency. Place your cannabis into mason jars to correctly treatment them, or plastic luggage will work superb too. Throughout this time the cannabis plant will expend any remaining sugars and starches. It is vital to put the curing cannabis in a cool and darkish location for optimum curing. The primary days of curing does require opening the bag or mason jars a number of instances a day to launch gases and assist take away extreme moisture.

Learn the complete when to reap cannabis information at ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/harvesting.

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