Healthcare marijuana sufferers in Massachusetts say item selection dwindling as retailers commence promoting to recreational clients


Dan Scotland lives in northeastern Massachusetts and makes use of health-related marijuana to treat insomnia, anxiousness and sleep problems.

He employed to go often to Patriot Care in Lowell — but then the health-related dispensary started promoting to the recreational marketplace.

“When they went adult use, their stock fairly considerably dwindled,” stated Scotland, who also runs a podcast about marijuana. “A lot of goods have been funneled to the adult use side.”

Because the dispensary opened up for recreational sales, Scotland stated, “Every time I’d verify their menu ahead of going, they didn’t have something I required.”

Scotland’s complaint is not exclusive. As health-related marijuana dispensaries have begun promoting to the newly legal recreational marketplace, health-related marijuana sufferers say they have had mixed experiences acquiring marijuana at dispensaries that sell to each markets. When some dispensaries have maintained sufficient inventory, several sufferers say they have fewer alternatives for health-related marijuana than they employed to.

When sufferers can obtain off the recreational menu, they will have to spend taxes and their purchases are not recorded in their health-related records.

“Some dispensaries … have extremely equivalent menus from the health-related and adult use side,” stated Nichole Snow, executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance. [Read more at Mass Live]


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