Finding About Laguna Beach with out a Car or truck


Do the accountable issue and do not smoke and drive. But if you are higher and needing to get about, it is effortless to do so even though in Laguna Beach. From carshares, taxis, shuttles, and buses, there are lots of approaches to get from point A to point B. So worry not, with these under choices, you can get out and grab meals, drinks, and a show–even even though stoned.

Hop on The Laguna Beach Trolley

This summer time trolley picks up and drops off at Laguna Beach’s favored hotspots. Runs all summer time extended with a frequency of each and every 20 minutes or so, conveniently hop on and off this no cost and adorable trolley as a protected option to driving stoned/drunk.

Take a Stroll Downtown

If you uncover your self as well intoxicated to drive, then park it downtown. Right here you can leisurely stroll the boutique retailers, grab a meal at a nearby restaurant, or peruse the art scene (nearby and plentiful in Laguna Beach).

Catch the Bus

Laguna Beach Bus Transit is effortless to use thanks to its colour-coded program. If you are a tourist, get to know the red route greatest as it runs south of downtown, along Pacific Coast Hwy. It is an economical way to get about Laguna Beach as rides are no cost in the course of July and August and only 75¢ at other occasions.  

Reserve a Rideshare Service

If finding straight from point A to point B with as minimal hassle as probable is your finish aim, then turn your sights to a rideshare service like Lyft or Uber. With just a couple clicks on your telephone, you can conveniently reserve a car or truck to transport you about Laguna Beach and beyond. And for much more economical choices, opt for the carpool solutions referred to as either line and pool (Lyft and Uber, respectively) as a way to share expenses with other riders.

Ride the Irvine → Laguna Beach Shuttle

If you are coming to Laguna Beach from Irvine and vice versa, then you should really get to know the Summer season Breeze Bus Service. Totally free on weekends, all summer time extended, this Orange County Bus Route 689 travels along Laguna Canyon Road, Art Festivals, the Laguna Bus Station, and lots much more.

Discover Laguna Beach Though Stoned

There is certainly much more approaches than anticipated to discover Laguna Beach with out the confines of driving. It is effortless, accessible, expense effective, and most of all, protected. Driving even though intoxicated on alcohol and/or weed is not wise and much more importantly, not legal. So do the appropriate issue and ride a shuttle, catch a trolley, or take a stroll. You can nevertheless get about conveniently to consume at the greatest restaurants, attend the most entertaining festivals, and shop the nearby wares. Greatest of all, given that you are not driving, you can take the chance to appreciate the stunning web-sites of ocean and beach from the comforts of your seat.


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