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The current case of a Revelstoke dwelling that got raided by the RCMP more than 3 cannabis plants has created BC’s cannabis laws a laughingstock across the nation. It is not only due to cannabis becoming legal in Canada considering that October 2018. But due to the fact you are permitted to develop up to four plants!

So how did this come about? It is the fault of BC’s Cannabis Handle and Licensing Act (CCLA), which was designed by John Horgan’s NDP government. 

Section 56 (g) of the CCLA states, amongst other issues, that you can develop cannabis only if: 

“The cannabis plant is not visible from a… “public place” by an person unaided by any device other than a device to appropriate vision”.

Which begs the question…

What is thought of a public location?

The CCLA defines “public place” as “any location to which the public has access as of proper or by invitation, express or implied, irrespective of whether or not a charge is charged for entry”.

But this is exactly where the raid in Revelstoke gets complex. The 3 cannabis plants in query have been only noticed when an off-duty cop saw them although attending a neighborhood garden tour on someone’s private home.

Maintain in thoughts there can be a large distinction amongst following the letter of the law and frequent sense. The crux of the situation is irrespective of whether the authorities have been becoming as well overzealous with the application of the law. 

But initially, we will need to know..

What occurred in Revelstoke?

On July 28, Anna Minten participated in Revelstoke’s seventh annual Garden and Art Tour, a well-liked self-guided occasion. In this occasion artists and gardeners group up to show their function to the basic public. 

Minten’s garden was a quit on the tour, and one particular of the attendees was an off-duty cop. He saw the 3 cannabis plants on Minten’s home. 

On Friday, Aug. two, Revelstoke RCMP executed a search warrant at Minten’s dwelling although she and her husband Emmanuel Levesque Dupere have been out getting dinner.

When they returned, the couple realized the RCMP had searched their dwelling, which includes the rooms of their tenants. Right after, obtaining their belongings moved about and a copy of the search warrant on a stool, as reported by the Revelstoke Mountaineer. 

According to the warrant, the police mentioned they had:

 “Reasonable grounds for believing that the following offences have been committed: 

Grown non-health-related cannabis that is visible from [a] public location, contrary to Section 56(g) of the Cannabis Handle and Licencing Act”.

Why BC’s Cannabis Handle and Licensing Act is worse than the Cannabis Act

There are large difficulties with the CCLA, and it is virtually ironic if you think about how BC is dwelling to some of Canada’s finest growers. But it has some of the country’s dumbest expanding laws. You can thank John Horgan and the BC NDP for that!

If you are asking yourself how the Cannabis Act elements into all of this.

The Cannabis Act is the federal act regulating cannabis, which laid the foundation for cannabis legalization in Canada. The provinces and territories had the selection to accept the regulations in the Cannabis Act as is, or generate stricter cannabis guidelines. This is specifically what BC did with their expanding laws in the CCLA. Given that, the requirement that you can develop only if it is not visible from a public location is nowhere in the Cannabis Act.

This is one particular purpose why Canada’s cannabis laws are so confusingly inconsistent.

As prominent cannabis activist Dana Larsen noted on Twitter:

No other province has a law saying your four legal cannabis plants ought to be hidden from public view.

This rule about hiding your plants is only right here in BC.The BC NDP will need to repair their Cannabis Handle &amp Licensing Act.

It is complete of unnecessary punishments and restrictions.

Did the RCMP overreact?

Was this eagle-eyed off-duty cop as well overzealous? Effectively, in the court of public opinion, the RCMP has been roundly criticized on social media for overreacting.

Nathan Lidder, the founder of Coal Harbour Law, specializes in cannabis law. He told CLN it was “a terrible waste of sources and quite heavy-handed when you are dealing with folks in a compact town expanding only 3 plants.

He continued:

“There are only a specific quantity of sources to deal with offences normally, and I’d hazard a guess that a knock on the door and a warning from the RCMP would have sufficed in this predicament. 

I’m a bit shocked that it occurred and it occurred in the manner that it did.”

The following tweet from Dana Larsen offers us an thought of just how considerably the raid expense, at least in man-hours:

As Minten, the homeowner who was raided, told CTV:

It was 3 plants in my garden set back from the road – you wouldn’t be in a position to inform what they have been from the street”.

She’s got the photographs to prove it, as the photo under shows:

Photo courtesy of Aaron Orlando and Revelstoke Mountaineer.

The photo was taken from the road, and the couple is standing exactly where their cannabis plants have been positioned. You may well have to squint or zoom in see them! If you will need aid obtaining them, appear at the shed in the pretty far back.

The law is becoming unfairly applied

Cannabis lawyer Nathan Lidder also created a salient point, about how cannabis laws are becoming unequally applied to people and huge cannabis corporations. He also pointed towards beleaguered licensed producer CannTrust as an instance, saying:

“You’ve got licensed producers like CannTrust expanding thousands of kilograms of unlicensed cannabis. And the massive corporations do not look to get treated the exact same way people do. It is pretty regarding.” 

And he’s proper. CannTrust was caught expanding virtually 13,000 kg of illegal weed. Whilst the cannabis has been place on hold pending an on-going investigation that started in early July, there have been no raids or arrests so far.

Meanwhile, a person in a compact town grows 3 plants that are barely visible from the road, and they get raided!

As Mr. Lidder mentioned:

“We’re seeing a misapplication of the law that depends on who you are, exactly where the corporate entities have a tendency to get a pass. In all this it is the people that get caught in the cross hairs of these sorts of circumstances.”

But he hopes that the RCMP realizes that in these circumstances, a soft method can be much more successful. Also, police do not will need to knock down doors and bust open locks.

He also pointed out that “a lot of police in compact town communities have been pushing a neighborhood policing model exactly where they actively engage in the neighborhood, and this just flies in the face of any of these efforts.”

RCMP responds to the criticism of Revelstoke raid

In an August six press release, Cpl. Mike Esson of the Revelstoke RCMP stated:

“The Cannabis Handle and Licensing Act was designed to make certain the production, possession and distribution of cannabis would be performed in a protected and controlled manner. 

Sadly, the violations of CCLA by some of our residents has brought some damaging light to Revelstoke and the Garden and Art tour

By not effectively expanding cannabis plants, the residents have opened themselves up to the possibility of theft of the cannabis and drugs falling into the hands of youth in our neighborhood.”

But was it actually the 3 cannabis plants that brought damaging light to Revelstoke’s Garden and Art tour, or was it the overzealous actions of the RCMP that did it?

Also, spend interest to the subtle propaganda in the press release’s final paragraph, exactly where it says “possibility of theft of the cannabis” . Then it promptly makes use of “drugs” as an alternative of “cannabis”. When speaking about the threat of it “falling into the hands of youth”, although referring to the precise exact same point!

It appears that even in the face of overwhelming criticism for their response to 3 cannabis plants. The authorities cannot aid themselves from spreading a tiny Reefer Madness.

Featured image courtesy of the Revelstoke Mountaineer.



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