Want to Know a Far better Technologies For Your Hemp Extract & Terpene Merchandise? – Interview with Scott Riefler Chief Science Officer at SoRSE


The extraction method has officially stepped up its game. As technologies in the cannabis market grows, so also its extraction methodologies and its outcomes.

In brief, individuals want higher top quality devoid of the bitterness or taste that cannabis in some cases offers varying edibles, oils and goods. Enters SōRSE, a improved technologies for your hemp extract and terpene goods.

1 of our principal targets in producing our technologies was to take away the bitter cannabis taste and smell from CBD and THC goods. With our solution, we have isolated the taste and the smell effectively. – Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer for SōRSE



What is the method that SōRSE utilizes to make their distinct emulsion? Stroll us by means of.

Scott: We set out to make a steady emulsion, which technically violates the laws of science. Thermodynamics says that there is no such factor as a steady emulsion. Eventually, our aim was to make a single that is as virtually steady as attainable.

To realize this, our group combines oils with water in the presence of proper surfactants and connected components. We combine them in a manner that benefits in really smaller, uniform particles, providing us close to-steady emulsion.

Our method also isolates the bitterness of the cannabinoids so that the final solution has no cannabis taste, delivers speedy and repeatable onset, and creates a uniform and homogenous meals (beverage or gummy).

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A buzzword proper now is nanoemulsion. What does this imply, what type of impact does this have on the final solution, and are there any other procedures of emulsion? Are nanoparticles poor for you?

Scott: Nanoemulsion is a description of how massive the emulsified particle is … the nanometer is a unit of length in the metric technique. There are a single billion nanometers in a meter.

The sizing of the emulsified particle can have several effects. The smaller sized the particle, the a lot easier it is to create stability. The particle size can also inform how it interacts with the physique. The particle size is the outcome of the chemistry and processing that is employed.

Nanoemulsion science is nevertheless becoming created. Folks want to know if nanoparticles are superior for you. Nanoparticles additional quickly cross the blood-brain barrier. Eventually, as with any active ingredient, the science and security ought to be explored just before it is deployed

Why do some CBD/THC beverages smell and taste like hemp, but other individuals do not? How do you eradicate that?

Scott: 1 of our principal targets in producing our technologies was to take away the bitter cannabis taste and smell from CBD and THC goods. With our solution, we have isolated the taste and the smell effectively.

Other individuals use masking components and flavor additives. Sugar is a single of the most frequent components added to combat bitterness. We wanted to make it attainable to infuse goods with THC or CBD devoid of getting to add components to mask or overlay the bitterness.


Are there any rewards of consuming an edible or beverage more than smoking or other types of consumption? Why do we see shoppers turning towards beverages and other edibles?

Scott: Americans have verified that they delight in intoxicating — whether or not that is by means of alcohol, caffeine, or other goods.

Cannabis goods are just a new, exciting way for shoppers to intoxicate — so there’s a lot of momentum about the curiosity and that basic need to intoxicate on some level.

Drinking or consuming a cannabis solution is much less damaging than smoking, but a single of the major causes why shoppers are turning to edibles is due additional to the social elements. Drinking or consuming is significantly a lot easier to incorporate into a social atmosphere you could quickly socialize when drinking a beverage at an occasion or celebration. Drinking or consuming a solution can also be accomplished more than time, so the knowledge is self-metered

What are some points the customer ought to be hunting for in their cannabis edible? Any essential words on the label?

Scott: If the edible has been ready working with state of the art technologies, you ought to appear for the meals platform to be enjoyable – you shouldn’t be capable to inform that cannabis is in the solution.

Appear out for heavy sugars added, flavoring, appear for masking agents mainly. Indicators that the technologies is not up to snuff. Robust flavor profiles (like cinnamon or peppermint) can also be an indicator.


Also, what are some points cannabis organizations delving into the beverage globe ought to be asking their emulsion supplier?

Scott: It is essential to companion with the greatest attainable supplier to assure the top quality, security, and longevity of your brand/goods. Right here are a couple of critical queries to ask:

  • What is stability/shelf life of the emulsion as a stand-alone and in a completed solution (of your category)? Does your supplier have at least 12 months of genuine-time stability information for their solution as nicely as any completed goods (customer facing)?
  • Does your supplier have third-celebration testing benefits to confirm the top quality of their solution?
  • Are you GNP certified? What processes have you implemented to preserve meals-grade top quality and security? Do you take a ‘Clean Label Strategy?
  • When does dosing (with the active ingredient) take location in the production method and is there distinct packaging necessary to maximize the shelf-life of the solution?
  • There’s hype about all types of CBD – CBD Isolate, Complete Spectrum, Broad Spectrum – How do I know which is greatest for my solution?


Thank you for sharing all the points SōRSE is up to! This is fairly profound Scott!

Scott: Thanks for getting me CM!

Scott Riefler – Chief Science Officer at SōRSE





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