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Ever have that buddy that says they just cannot get higher? Possibly you have been that individual that couldn’t get stoned their 1st time. Or, if you are like me, you got so higher your 1st time that it is tricky to comprehend how somebody cannot get higher off cannabis. For everyone frustrated or confused by this early-stage consumption phenomenon, think about the points under. They may perhaps apply to you or somebody you know.

Your Physique May perhaps Not Let You to Get Higher Initially

Hold in thoughts that cannabis impacts absolutely everyone differently and the higher a individual experiences can and probably will differ by individual. Elements can contain a person’s height, weight and metabolism. Consider about how a bigger-sized individual most likely demands to consume far more alcohol to really feel drunk or ingest far more meals to really feel complete. The physical makeup of a individual will generally be the culprit if physical limitations are what’s holding them back from experiencing THC. In other situations, having said that, added internal aspects can alter one’s knowledge. This contains any concerns relating to a person’s hormones as nicely as their serotonin and dopamine levels.


Mainly because of several internal and external aspects cannabis can have an effect on absolutely everyone differently. photo credit

In 2014, a study pointed towards the naturally generating hormone pregnenolone as a counter impact to THC. In the report, it states that the hormone “can defend the brain from cannabis intoxication.” If the individual continues to not really feel the effects of THC consumption soon after a handful of occasions, they may perhaps want to think about going to a doctor for additional answers. 

You May perhaps Be Consuming Cannabis Incorrect

If a individual does not get higher the 1st time, these about them may perhaps recommend that they attempt a diverse method to smoking. One particular of the far more widespread errors new buyers make is treating cannabis like cigarettes. When they may perhaps seem related, their consumption procedures are rather diverse. Namely, nicotine is held in the mouth by the user. Whereas with cannabis, it is suggested that the individual inhale the smoke suitable into their physique with no holding it in their mouth.

Also, think about how the cannabis is becoming consumed. If the individual does not really feel the effects of the smoke in a handful of minutes, then the individual may perhaps want to discover some of the other factors on this list. Nevertheless, with edibles, vaping and other procedures of consumption, it is most effective to retain in thoughts that the onset effects differ, in some cases taking about two hours to kick in. This is specially accurate with edibles. Do not be like comedian Jason Mantzoukas and his 1st time acquiring higher working with cannabutter (see video above).

You May perhaps Have Poor Weed

Not all cannabis is produced equal. Today’s crops of cannabis are far more probably to variety in the teens to mid-30s when it comes to THC potency. This sharp enhance in marijuana potency must make certain that each individual gets higher each time, suitable? In theory, yes. But numerous aspects may perhaps have produced that seemingly fire strain rather extinguished by the time you light it up. Beginning with the producer, they could have a contaminated crop. That indicates something from a leaky roof enabling rainwater onto the plant to miscategorized flower all potentially ruining a higher.

Even if a individual receives higher-top quality flower, that does not imply the strain will retain its top quality more than time. If left exposed to the components, cannabis can degrade and deteriorate. As such, it is vital to retailer flower in a cool, dark container that does not permit air into the packaging.

A dependable storage approach will not defend flower forever, either. Just like almost everything other than honey, cannabis has an expiration date. As soon as that date passes or is exposed to sufficient UV light, the THC and THCA in the plant can convert to other cannabinoids, namely CBN and CBNA. When these cannabinoids will not harm a individual, they may perhaps have them experiencing diverse effects than anticipated. This could potentially outcome in a individual pondering they are not higher. 

You May perhaps Want to Smoke Additional

The “start low, go slow” approach is a excellent idea in cannabis. Generally, commence with a low dosage of marijuana, no matter if smoking, consuming or what have you, wait 30 minutes to an hour to gauge the effects. If a individual is not feeling the higher the 1st time about, then a second round may perhaps be in order. If so, they can take an equal or slightly bigger hit and gauge how it impacts them. No want to go overboard if the 1st time didn’t do the trick. Continue at the identical levels of consumption, or incrementally up the levels becoming consumed. No want to go all in if the 1st round does not generate the excellent outcomes. 

You May perhaps Have CBD Flower

It is extremely doubtful this is the case, but smoking CBD flower unquestionably will not lead to everyone acquiring higher for the 1st time. Certain, they’ll probably really feel some effects, but not like THC can present. If a individual says they are searching to get higher and they have Charlotte’s Net or ACDC, then you may perhaps want to give them a smaller bit of tricky news. Conversely, in states exactly where cannabis is nevertheless illegal, black marketplace dealers have been identified to “cut” cannabis flower with CBD flower in an work to make additional income. 

Hold in thoughts that cannabis exploration must be enjoyable. Save for a physical limitation, in due time a individual is practically assured to locate what dosage and approach of consumption is the most effective way for them to get higher. Secure consumption is often advised as nicely. Be certain to use additional caution if you locate oneself unable to get higher suitable away. Do not get frustrated and overdo it. Hold on exploring and gradually scaling up if want be. The higher will come, and when it does it will be that a great deal far more worthwhile.

Did you get higher your 1st time consuming cannabis? Share your experiences in the comments under!

Photo Credit: Heath Alseike (license)


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