Fake West Coast Remedy: New Ones Spotted, Adjust Coming


An additional day, yet another counterfeit cartridge brand on the black market place. This time it is fake West Coast Remedy cartridges hitting the market place.

West Coast Remedy is a brand we pointed out obtaining leading of the line wax in our San Jose dispensary coverage. We also integrated an image of West Coast Remedy packaging in our post on a Sacramento dispensary, which can now serve as a handy comparison for common style (WCC has changed their packaging a couple occasions because that 2017 post).

Instance Of A West Coast Remedy Cartridge Sold At The Northstar Holistic Collective.

They’re really plentiful at DHGate:

DHGate WCC counterfeit carts

Various additional are floating about Alibaba:

Alibaba WCC counterfeit carts

A single video clip at Alibaba was even good sufficient to tip us off to the reality that the cartridge tip copies the logo as nicely.

detail of WCC empty cartridge

The background noise in that video (hyperlink perhaps nevertheless up?) sounded like a factory, with machinery in the background. Perhaps even filmed at the plant that tends to make these?

We even managed to track down a uncommon eBay sighting:

eBay WCC empty fake carts

This image gives us with a handy reference for “strains” that we could see on the street…

  • Banjo
  • Grape Gas
  • Tits
  • Trainwreck
  • Fortunate Charms
  • Grape Ape
  • GG#four
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Legend OG
  • Foreign Glue

Here’s one particular telling detail we’ve spotted to enable recognize counterfeit West Coast Remedy carts:

real vs counterfeit WCC cart

A reader had a terrible knowledge with a WCC knock-off

At yet another web site, a reader reported that they got what was purported to be a WCC trueOG sauce pen off of WeedMaps, even with a verified seller. But the cart was bunk, and perhaps speculated to be synthetic cannabis. The user reported having profoundly sick.

If you consider that is terrible, we discovered this Reddit post which, as we study it, has a user getting a WCC cart which was filled with BLUE liquid. He reports that the liquid turned out to be Dawn dish soap. Bear in mind the old days when punks would bag up oregano and sell it to children as weed? We’re just about back to these days.

WCC has indicated that they are altering packaging when once again, so when updated packaging comes out we will add it to this post. That will make identifying fakes even simpler.

Excellent on fake cartridges is a mystery

As often, we should really point out that customer security suffers when counterfeit cartridges hit the market place. Yes, it is attainable that residence brewers can extract their personal cannabis concentrate, even that they get clean solution from a trustworthy supply. Or, from the above two horror stories, you can see what else can come about. At the least, you are most likely not having the higher you are paying for. At worst, you are in danger of inhaling pesticides, herbicides, different glycol additives, lead, or… Dawn dish soap?

Have you encountered a fake West Coast Remedy cartridge or other knock-off solution? We’d enjoy to hear from you in the comments beneath or in our forum!


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