Up to 25% Off all TruPODs and Vape Carts at Trulieve eight.14.19


Currently Trulieve is holding a flash sale on all of their TruPODS, and Vape Carts. The 15% discount is stackable and valid on all brands Trulieve, Sunshine Cannabis and O.Pen Vape. This sale is valid in-shop, on line, and for delivery orders placed on August 14, 2019! This discount can be stacked with one particular of the following discounts Trulievers, Veteran or SNAP.

Our very good mates at Sunshine Cannabis sent us this lovely graphic for the sale currently, along with some data about their premium TruPODs.

Afghan Moon: Afghan Moon by Sunshine Cannabis is a heavy Indica with soothing anti-anxiousness effects &amp discomfort relieving qualities.  The potent relaxing euphoria of the Afghan Moon (AFM) soothes thoughts, physique, and senses with its sweet musky fruit, mild herbal spice &amp purple floral Indica taste. Prime five Terpenes: Myrcene, Nerolidol, Linalool, Limonene, b-Caryophyllene.

Gainesville Green: This Hybrid strain provides a really feel very good daytime euphoria.  The balanced &amp uplifting effects are remarkably comfy, cerebral, and functional conveniently top to elevated laughter, socializing, and appetite enhancement. Invest in GAINESVILLE GREEN
Sunshine Kush: For productive relief of symptoms, Sunshine Kush by Sunshine Cannabis attributes higher THC levels plus medicinal CBD rewards. The broad terpene profile maximizes the entourage impact in this Indica dominant Hybrid strain. Sunshine Kush relieves individuals of a wide variety of ailments such as discomfort, inflammation, migraines, PTSD, anxiousness, digestive difficulties, insomnia &amp extra.

All Trulieve Vape Carts and TruPODS are on sale currently. To verify out the rest of the goods on sale from Trulieve and the other brands, please click right here.

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