Fake Plug Play Pods Busted


To make certain we clearly designate the distinction among counterfeits of actual brands and fake brands, currently we’re displaying a counterfeit copy of a actual company’s branded vape cartridges. Plugplay.com is a actual web-site, a actual enterprise operating it, a actual solution sold at actual dispensaries. We have reviewed Plug Play and had fantastic issues to say about them.

Which tends to make it all the a lot more fascinating when we received this email…

We really like it when this happens…

fake Plug carts email

“Hot promoting in USA marketplace , no one have now .” – This is a bald-faced lie, as the PlugPlay web-site has a complete list of distributors all more than California. With a map, “93 retailers,” no significantly less.

Out of curiosity, we googled the e mail address and discovered this “newcarts9” account with a complete list of fake and counterfeit cartridges, all the usual suspects.

A major fake cartridge distributor

We see counterfeit cartridges at that web page for TKO, Rove, Stiiizy (we’ve covered just before), Runtz (we’ve covered just before), West Coast Remedy (we’ve covered just before), Clever Bud, Moonrock, Dank (we’ve covered just before), and lots of a lot more.


The now-obligatory screenshot from DHGate with counterfeit Plug Play merchandise:

fake Plug carts from DHGate

Now we have a sample from the official Plug Play web-site for a side-to-side:

Plug cart real vs counterfeit

It is tricky to inform right here for the reason that the DHGate counterfeit is shot with a heavy blue filter, but it seems they got some facts of the packaging incorrect. The stripes on the sides of the label do not match.

You can get a a lot clearer notion from the e mail we have been just sent, which is a lot worse knock-off:

Plug carts real vs fake

We got the originals from Exotics and DNA at the official web page. Note we had to crop them from decorative background graphics on the web-site show for this instance. But you can nonetheless see the stripes on the side of the label are incorrect, and the shape of the cartridge itself appears off. Note, the actual Plug Play label does differ the “DNA” label, bolding letters in turn for “Daytime,” “Nighttime,” and “Anytime” for Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, respectively.


Could you be gambling with your life on a counterfeit cart?

Commonly we point out right here that the trouble with acquiring third-celebration black marketplace carts is that you do not know what you are acquiring. Could be pesticides, could be damaging chemical reduce, could even be practically nothing to do with vape oil at all. We’ve observed, effectively, you inform us what these are:

fake cart - what is this filled with?

fake cart - what is in this cart?

Now, we can not confirm for certain that this is connected to fake / counterfeit carts, but the initially death from vaping-connected respiratory injury has occurred in Illinois, a state exactly where the new legalized cannabis policy does not go into influence till January 1, 2020. We’re surely going to comply with this as updates create we’re certain the complete dabbing neighborhood will be performing the identical. From all the reports we’ve observed so far of people today who got sick following utilizing a black marketplace cartridge (such as our Dank carts coverage), you know what outcome we’re betting on.


Have you encountered Plug Play counterfeits in the wild?

We’d really like to hear from you in the comments beneath or in our forum!



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