Kosher Dawg: Why Colorado Tokers Appreciate This Strain


Most of my Denver pals are as well fantastic for a hot dog unless it really is produced of anything like African wild boar or organically grown  plants. I am not afraid to stick my nose up at a tube of mystery meat, although, and will gladly shave off a couple of minutes of my life span for a easy $1 dog downtown. But even I have limits, and will by no means touch hot dogs served at gas stations or the Fox Creek Junior Higher cafeteria.

Hebrew National is a strong wiener brand in my book, but it apparently carries some controversy of its personal, coming beneath scrutiny a couple of years ago for how kosher its meat seriously is. But that didn’t discourage DNA Genetics from naming a strain following the holy franks, with breeders making Hebrew National by crossing Kosher Kush and JJ’s Star Dawg (also recognized as Star Dawg Guava). As the strain gains a reputation for sturdy nighttime effects and thick OG flavors, although, dispensaries have taken to calling it anything easier: Kosher Dawg.

We’ve observed shops in Colorado carrying it by each names. Kosher Kush has been a Denver mainstay considering that the pre-recreational days, but that strain had some naming controversy itself, possessing been dubbed “Jew Gold” by DNA Genetics just before customers and other growers forced a name alter. Hebrew National is hardly as unsafe, but Kosher Dawg has taken hold nonetheless. And when you see “Dawg” in a strain, you know what’s lurking in the lineage.

An early descendant of Chemdog, JJ’s Star Dawg is just as bewildering, with a tropical taste and euphoric power that can be difficult to bottle. Nevertheless, that power blast is muted when matched with Kosher Kush’s calming traits, which wrap you up like a blanket and retain you warm (and stupid) for about 3 hours minimum. The higher is not considerably of a roller coaster: I’m calm, dumb and hungry all through. It is also soothing for sore limbs.

Kosher Dawg is nevertheless a California animal for the most component we’ve only observed it for sale commercially in Denver at the Clinic dispensaries (beneath the Hebrew National name), as effectively as on line in seed banks. If you can not discover Kosher Dawg, its parent Kosher Kush is related in flavor and impact.

Appears: Not pretty Dodger Dogs but longer than the typical, Kosher Dawg likes to stretch as it blooms. The strain is largely indica, with a forest-green colour that seems brighter simply because of decent trichome coverage and orange pistils. As opposed to with most indicas, although, the buds can develop round and segmented, like these of several OG-leaning strains.

Smell: Any toker who enjoys musty OG strains would like Kosher Dawg’s sturdy, zesty hints of pine and conifer, which match effectively with the gassy, citrus-laden back finish.

Flavor: These spicy pine flavors come off slightly floral in the smoke, but Kosher Dawg is nevertheless pretty earthy, with bittersweet hints of soil (nearly like a pale ale) and a noticeable Diesel-like aftertaste, with smaller hints of orange and lemon.

Effects: It will not place you out promptly, but the relaxation and physique melt will mount inside an hour or ninety minutes, and a foggy thoughts hits nearly instantaneously. The single-minded stone is fantastic for relieving pressure and minor discomfort, and my stomach turned into a black hole. Do not anticipate to hold several conversations, but retain it about for solo nighttime use and therapeutic sessions.

Residence grower’s take: “Easier to discover if you are calling it Kosher Dawg than Hebrew National. I’ve got pals who get clones of it in California, and I’ve ordered seeds of it myself. Super thoughts-fuck strain: Attempted smoking a couple wet nugs following harvest though trimming, and I nearly had to contact it a evening. Decent yielder for a nine-week bloom, and she likes to stretch, but any mildly knowledgeable grower can manage it. If you like the OG stuff, give it a sniff.”

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