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Enthusiasts will delight in a toke of Deadwood. It has the
familiar blend of earth, wood, and berries discovered in forests or groves that
entice the senses starting from the moment that buds are taken out of its bag.
Upon consumption, it coats the tongue in its sweet undertones and overtones of
skunk that induce a sense of peace.

The tranquility lasts for hours, providing customers freedom from
mental and physical strain. It releases tension, invigorates the thoughts, and
relaxes the physique. Recreationally, it could be utilized with buddies or alone.
Either way, its really feel-superior euphoria assists create an upbeat disposition.

Therapeutically, it offers comfort to numerous suffering from numerous afflictions. Its uplifting buzz manages symptoms of mental and psychological well being problems. As for the physical discomfort, it offers relief by soothing the physique.

To create this strain, its breeders utilized Bubba Kush. The Indica-leaning strain has an impressive development profile paired with an impressive yield. Its significant buds are not for just for bag appeal either. It has potent higher with an attractive physique comedown. Its pair is Sweet Pink Grapefruit, supposedly a phenotype of the colorful Northern Lights #1. Apart from becoming a tested development profile, its specialty is its tantalizing terpene profile.

Our Deadwood Strain Overview

Info About Deadwood Strain:

ORIGIN Bubba Kush and Sweet Pink Grapefruit
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Pleased – 10
Uplifted – 9
Talkative -9
Focused – 9
FRAGRANCE Earthy, woody, berries, skunk, lavender, spice
FLAVORS Skunk, wood, floral, lavender, wood, earthy
Dry eyes – five
Headache – five
Healthcare Pressure – 10
Muscle spasms – five
Discomfort – five
FLOWERING TIME Outside Late September to mid-October
THC Content material % 15% to 17%
CBD % Unknown
INDOOR YIELD 10 to 12 ounces per square meter
Outside YIELD 12 ounces or much more per plant
CLIMATE Cool climate
Development LEVEL Unknown
RESISTANCE TO Illness Unknown

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Deadwood presents comparatively manageable THC levels of 15% to 17% which each novices and seasoned customers could adjust to match one’s preferred impact. Toking at a low to moderate dosage would yield a functional higher. Meanwhile, adding a handful of additional tokes could turn it into the excellent finish-of-day treat.

Deadwood Strain Effects
Deadwood Strain Effects – Image powered by

Regardless, its onset begins with a pleasant mood lift that pushes back worries and temporarily clears the thoughts of negativities. It inspires an upbeat disposition that, gradually but certainly, will bring a smile to one’s face. The totally free space creates an region for thoughts to flourish and thrive, providing way to a much more upbeat as properly as talkative disposition.

Despite the fact that effective, its physique higher is not at all debilitating. Casual customers will locate that the deep relaxation it offers is sufficient to reinvigorate the physique with out locking a single to the couch. Combined with the initial head high’s enhanced concentrate, it assists a single attain targets and full tasks. Ultimately, it envelops enthusiasts in relaxation. Applying it beyond moderation will most likely finish up in stone-strong sedation.

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Deadwood has an earthy aroma with refreshing notes of wood. It also has undertones of berries and tinges of skunk when breaking the buds apart or combusting it reveals its floral lavender aroma. Enhancing it is a tinge of sweet spice.


A blend of skunk and berries hit the palate instant just after the very first toke. Following it are floral undertones of lavender with sweet hints of wood. On the exhale, it leaves an aftertaste of spicy earth.

Adverse reactions

The presence of moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids in Deadwood ought to signal an upcoming dry spell. It impacts the eyes and the mouth specially as it starts to interfere with saliva production. Along with it is a headache. These adverse reactions are ordinarily mild and, while customers could ignore it, a single may possibly also appease the discomfort by staying hydrated and inside moderation.


Relieving tension ought to be component of everyone’s routine. It assists decrease dangerous levels of cortisol which could drastically decrease one’s good quality of living. A fast and effective way to do this is to use cannabis. In this regard, enthusiasts may possibly turn to Deadwood. The Indica-leaning strain has a multitude of added benefits that consist of eliminating the overwhelming dread that plagues the chronically stressed.

Deadwood Strain Medical
Deadwood Strain Healthcare – Image powered by

Apart from that, it also assists appease the psychological distress brought on by mental well being situation. It has a mood-enhancing higher that uplifts the spirits as it instills a calm disposition in spot of continual negativity. Despite the fact that short-term, it offers comfort to lengthy sufferers of depression, anxiousness, and PTSD.

It could also be utilized as an option to opioid-primarily based OTC medicine. It has organic painkilling properties that appease a wide range of pains, regardless of supply and intensity. Its relaxing buzz, on the other hand, assistance appease contractions in the muscle tissues that could lead to undesirable contractions and spasms. It is especially successful against fatigue, inflammation, and joint pains.


Bubba Kush and Sweet Pink Grapefruit are each great developing strains. The latter has a superior root formation when the former is a fast flowerer. Not to mention, each have tremendous yields and jaw-dropping trichome production. Its progeny, Deadwood, exhibits several of these preferred traits.

Deadwood Strain Growing
Deadwood Strain Developing – Image powere by

It is a brief, stocky plant that could match in any developing atmosphere. As such, a single can sow it in a devoted tent or a smaller developing space. Newbies, who are cultivating for the very first time, may possibly also plant it beside a window to save on high-priced developing lights. Additionally, it is quick to develop.

Alternatively, a single could also cultivate it in a garden or farm. The sun assists it develop larger and generate much more buds. Its impressive resistance against widespread illnesses and pests assists it thrive in diverse climates, which includes the cold climate of the northern hemisphere.

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Flowering Time

The brief flowerer only requires amongst 7 to 9 weeks of maturation ahead of becoming completely prepared for harvest. Through which time, growers can anticipate up to 12 ounces of buds per square meter.

In the northern hemisphere, Deadwood blossoms about the final week of September to the middle of October. It produces at least 12 ounces of buds per plant when prepared for harvest.

Have you ever smoked or grown your personal Deadwood? Please let me know what you believe about this marijuana strain in the comments beneath.


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