Governor Gavin Newsom Indicators Executive Order to Confront Youth Vaping Epidemic


Author: Workplace of Governor Gavin Newsom
Published: Sep 16, 2019
Sacramento, California

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom signed currently an executive order to confront the expanding youth epidemic and overall health dangers linked to vaping. The executive order directs the Division of Public Well being (CDPH) to launch a $20 million statewide digital and social media public awareness campaign to educate youth, young adults and parents about the overall health dangers of vaping nicotine and cannabis goods. CDPH is also tasked with establishing suggestions to lessen smoking amongst young adults and teens by establishing warning indicators with overall health dangers exactly where vaping goods are sold and on solution ads.

“We should take instant action to meet the urgency behind this public overall health crisis and youth epidemic,” mentioned Governor Newsom. “As a parent, I recognize the anxiousness triggered by the deceptive promoting techniques and flavored choices created to target our children. With mysterious lung illnesses and deaths on the rise, we have to educate our children and do every thing we can to tackle this crisis. There is a broad and bipartisan coalition of legislators searching for to safeguard our youth, and we are committed to operating with the Legislature and stakeholders to develop on these executive actions and place forward a robust tobacco reform package in 2020.”

The Governor also announced that he signed SB 39 by Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) currently, legislation which will impose stricter age verification specifications for tobacco goods sold on the net or by mail.

Vaping devices are the most typically employed tobacco solution in California and far more than 80% of higher-college teens who consume tobacco use a vaping device. Of the California teens who consume tobacco goods, 86.four% report making use of a flavored tobacco solution. There are more than 15,500 e-liquid flavors, some of which have verified to result in substantial overall health effects.

From 2016 to 2018, vaping amongst California higher college students rose 27%. In 2018, 10.9% of California higher college students reported making use of e-cigarettes and 14.7% reported making use of cannabis.“As a state, we can no longer stand by as a new generation falls victim to huge tobacco, with vaping goods that straight target our kids,” mentioned California Well being and Human Solutions Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly. “The Governor’s action will raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco goods and the dangers related with e-cigarettes and vaping, as nicely as appear at enforcement actions that show Californians the gravity of targeting young individuals and their overall health.”

The Governor’s executive order involves:

Improved enforcement of e-cigarettes: The Division of Tax and Charge Administration (CDTFA) will create suggestions to take away illegal or counterfeit vaping goods from retailers and lowering youth vaping consumption via elevated enforcement and incorporating nicotine content material into the calculation of the current tax on electronic cigarettes. CDTFA shall take into account revenues at present derived from taxation of electronic cigarettes and the revenues that might be collected from a nicotine-primarily based tax, the prospective for evasion and the feasibility of instituting a stamping requirement to maximize compliance. CDTFA shall submit its suggestions to the Governor’s workplace by October 29, 2019.

Warning indicators at retailers and on ads: The CDPH is directed to create suggestions to lessen the availability of vaping devices to persons beneath 21 years of age, which involves the establishment of warning indicators about the overall health dangers of vaping at retailers exactly where any vaping solution is sold and in any vaping ads. This involves elevated enforcement concerning sales of vaping goods and especially e-liquid flavors, to youth. In addition, the CDPH shall make suggestions concerning the establishment of requirements for nicotine content material and uniform packaging for purposes of which includes nicotine content material in the calculation of the current tax on electronic cigarettes. The Division of Public Well being shall submit its suggestions to the Governor’s Workplace by October 14, 2019.

Plan Funds for Vaping Awareness Campaign: The CDPH is right away directed to allocate a total of at least $20 million in tobacco and cannabis plan funds for a vaping awareness campaign, which includes digital and social media messaging focused on youth, young adults and parents. This will develop upon the award-wining and longest operating anti-tobacco plan in the nation.

A copy of today’s order can be found here.

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