Dan Bilzerian’s Ignite CBD Brand Stock Goes on Sale in the US Beneath “BILZF” Ticker


  • The BILZF stock closed at $1.45, increasing by 33%.
  • The stock only became offered currently, announced by means of Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram story.

Ignite is a firm that produces CBD oils, as nicely as quite a few vape pen products, thanks to Dan Bilzerian. According to reports from Busted Coverages, as nicely as Bilzerian’s Instagram story, the brand’s stock is now getting sold in the United States, utilizing the ticker BILZF. The “Weed King” announced this improvement currently, reaching 33% by the close of small business at $1.45.

It is probably that the Weed King’s notoriety played a main part in the surge of this stock currently, particularly thinking of how good it would be to present that stock to a buddy who also appreciates his function.

On the official Ignite web page, the firm states that they aim to be a CBD brand that can be trusted by the public, making partnerships with “only the finest sources offered.” The firm keeps up with compliance protocols for their organic, constant, and dependable items.

[UPDATE]: Ignite International Brands difficulties statement relating to no material alter confirmation:

Ignite (BILZ / BILZF) at the request of IIROC, wishes to confirm that management is not conscious of any corporate improvement, news or undisclosed material alter in the affairs of Ignite or its operations that would account for the current volatility in the industry value of its securities.


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