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As you gaze at your current obtain from your regional dispensary, you could be considering “Of course I know how to smoke moon rocks. How tough can it be?” You are so confident of it that you do not ask the budtender. Rather, you invest your time gazing at the beauty of this nug, which appears like a scrumptious green and purple tough candy supplied by the weed gods themselves. The smell is incredible. Pungent and wealthy with terpenes. If it is your initial time attempting to consume moon rocks although, it could be a far more tricky practical experience than anticipated. Do not be concerned although, we’re right here to support make confident you do not have any problems smoking your newly bought merchandise.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are one particular of these innovations in the weed game that could only be crafted by stoner mad scientists. It all begins with a higher high quality, completely trimmed bud the type that deserves its personal platform in a tiny showroom. This stellar nug is then dipped in wealthy cannabis concentrate prior to becoming completed off with a generous dusting of kief.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are produced with higher high quality bud, concentrate, and kief.

If crafted effectively, moon rocks have an intriguing and awe-inspiring look – producing them a very sought soon after solution for vacationers. Moon rocks are not just a novelty, although. Becoming a mixture of flower, concentrate and kief, moon rocks are very potent and must be consumed mindfully. Maintain on reading as we discover some of the very best strategies to smoke cannabis moon rocks:

1. Place Down the Grinder

Moon Rocks are not produced to be ground up, either in your grinder or involving your fingers. Grinding or crumbling your moon rocks signifies losing a bunch of that superior concentrate and kief to the grinder’s teeth or melted onto your fingers. Rather of crumbling or grinding your moon rocks, the very best system is to slice tiny sections off the rock, either applying tiny scissors, a sharp knife, or a razor.

two. Choose Up Your Pipe

Moon Rocks are very best consumed either in a bong or a pipe. Be confident to pack your moon rocks loosely in the bowl. Tilt it away from the mouthpiece so there’s a lot of air flow. Considering that moon rocks are currently saturated with oil and sticky with kief, your bowl can quite effortlessly clog with resin when you apply some flame. Anticipate far more oil than regular to run down your piece.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are very best consumed in a bong or pipe with a smaller sized bowl.

Also, look at applying a piece with a smaller sized bowl as opposed to a bigger one particular. As pleasant, tasty, and enticing as moon rocks are, you are going to be carrying out the THC equivalent of drinking from a fire hose. A smaller sized-sized bowl will make confident you are only smoking as considerably as you will need. You will shed much less to carbonization and can save the rest for later. 

If you are smoking your moon rocks in a bong, comply with these very same guidelines (to decrease oil loss, use an ice pinch slide). Be confident to clean and replace your bong water initial. Once more, if you are smoking a higher high quality solution, you could as properly get pleasure from the complete taste. Lastly, it is very best to stay clear of smoking moon rocks out of a hand-held vaporizer, as the excess oil and resin can harm the elements. 

three. Add Moon Rocks onto Your Flower

Soaked with cannabis oil, occasionally it can be tough to get moon rocks to light. Slicing off a couple of pieces and putting them on top rated of some normal ground flower, regardless of whether in a joint, blunt, or a bowl is a superior way to maintain your fire lit even though enjoying the complete effects of moon rocks. Plus, you will save far more of your merchandise for subsequent time. A second system is to build a “Landmine” by playing your moon rocks in involving two ground up layers of bud. As far as smoking your moon rocks in a joint or a blunt, the very best system is to break up the nug and add it into a base of weed (or tobacco if you are into spliffs).

Moon Rocks

If you have problems finding moon rocks to light attempt putting a couple pieces on top rated of normal ground bud in a joint, blunt, or bowl.

As currently talked about, moon rocks are quite properly saturated with cannabis oil, which can make them tough to light and tougher to remain lit. Working with the very same approaches as you would for rolling a hash joint is a superior way to maintain them lit. 

four. Partake in the Afternoon or Evening

Moon rocks are not the variety of bud to consume when you have got something else to do, specifically not the initial time. When it is not a advisable solution to consume for your normal wake and bake, moon rocks are fantastic for your evening wind down. Place a film on your screen or some music on your speakers and get pleasure from letting that couch cradle you all evening. 

five. Have Lots of Water and Snacks On Hand

When the complete effects take hold, only the most motivated of cannabis customer is going anyplace. This hat-trick of THC can also give you 3 instances the cottonmouth as usual and no one particular desires to be each thirsty and couch locked. It is also a superior notion to drink a couple glasses of water prior to your initial hit so you are not beginning at a thirst deficit, as properly as maintaining some far more liquid close to you. The very same can go for your appetite, so be confident to have some snacks inside effortless attain when you place your bowl or your bong down.  

So, now that you are in the know about how to smoke moon rocks, grab some water, some scissors, and your favored glassware and get pleasure from. Just do not strategy to do something else for the day, specifically if you are new to consuming moon rocks!

Have you ever smoked cannabis moon rocks? Did you obtain them effortless to consume? Why or why not? Share your experiences in the comments under!


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