What’s the Greatest Marijuana Strain for Creativity?


Weed is wonderful for a ton of motives it tends to make you laugh, de-stresses you just after a extended day, and can even boost your inventive drive! That is ideal, cannabis is effectively-identified for its potential to add fuel to any inventive stoner’s artistic vision. Add some popular cannabis side effects like euphoria and relaxation into the mix and you have the best inventive cannabis cocktail! But when it comes to sparking your artistic vibes with weed, particular strains are superior than other folks. You wouldn’t want to smoke a heavy indica prior to an energetic painting session, for instance — couch lock and inventive pursuits just do not mix effectively.

The very good news is you do not want to waste time attempting a million diverse strains to locate the ideal marijuana strain for creativity considering the fact that we right here at Leafbuyer have currently completed all that for you. So, kick back, light up some of your preferred strain, and study up on the ideal marijuana strains for creativity! Acquiring righteously higher just could be precisely the issue you want to tap into your artsy side.

Greatest Marijuana Strains for Creativity

The ideal marijuana strains for creativity can differ based on the particular person, considering the fact that absolutely everyone experiences a weed higher in a slightly diverse way. Individuality aside, even though, there are some strains that stand head-and-shoulders above other folks in terms of pumping up your inventive juices. No matter if you are arranging to make pottery, paint a portrait, or photograph some pot, there’s a assured ideal marijuana strain for your inventive outlet!

1. Blue Dream

blue dream marijuana strain up close bud

Blue Dream is a legendary weed strain with a distinct, recognizable aroma of sweet and earthy blueberries. This indica-dominant hybrid is bred by crossing Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream earned its name in the hall of cannabis fame, and for a very good explanation, considering the fact that this versatile strain is wonderful for socializing with mates, working out, and (you guessed it) artistic pursuits. There’s nothing at all a lot more pleasant than puffing on a tiny bit of Blue Dream prior to settling down to get inventive with a weed higher. And with a THC content material that clocks in just below 25 %, the higher is as potent as it is pleasant. Buyers of Blue Dream report the effects as uplifting, relaxing, and inventive. Do not smoke as well a great deal Blue Dream prior to a large art project, having said that, considering the fact that the hybrid nature of the strain can leave even the most seasoned stoner feeling lazy!

two. LSD

lsd marijuana strain plant in hand

If you are hunting for a actually trippy weed strain to get your inventive groove on, then you do not want to go any additional than a classic fan-preferred: LSD (the cannabis strain, that is). LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid — a cross among Skunk #1 and Mazar — that boasts an extremely higher THC content material of pretty much 25 %! The higher from LSD is not just sturdy, but it can also potentially contribute some hallucinogenic effects to your higher. Even though smoking this strain will not basically trigger a higher equivalent to other (stronger) drugs, it does have an fascinating and wholly special higher every single cannabis lover really should attempt! Buyers of LSD report feelings of euphoria and creativity, sturdy adequate to resemble a a lot more really serious psychedelic trip. So, if you are an skilled cannabis connoisseur with an artistic side just waiting to be unleashed with a tiny weed, give LSD a attempt — just after all, it is one particular of the ideal marijuana strains for creativity!

three. White Fire OG

white fire of marijuana strains up close bud

Final, but undoubtedly not least, on our list of the ideal marijuana strains for creativity is White Fire OG, a sativa-dominant hybrid with a fairly higher THC content material of just more than 22 %. Bred by crossing Fire OG and The White, it is no wonder that White Fire OG is so common in the cannabis neighborhood. You can locate White Fire OG, also identified as WiFi OG, at quite a few dispensaries due to the wide (and growing) demand for this crowd-pleasing weed strain. WiFi OG presents with a pungent and earthy aroma with hints of citrus and skunk as effectively. Buyers of WiFi OG report this strain as getting a largely cerebral higher with uplifting and focusing effects. WiFi OG is also effectively-identified for its potential to increase creativity and add a particular stoney vibe to any artistic session.


If any or all of these weed strains for creativity sound attractive to you, do not hesitate to pay a visit to your regional dispensary to see what they’re carrying. And if you cannot locate these classic marijuana strains for creativity locally, hop on-line and see what types of offers you can locate on these best-notch strains! Who knows, your ideal inventive streak however could only be a puff-puff-pass away.


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