E-cigs, vaping now officially banned at Mt. Vernon College District


Published by education on Wed, 10/09/2019 – 7:00am

Policy updated to reflect broader restriction on tobacco solutions, controversial electronic cigarettes
The Mt. Vernon Board of Education lately revised the district’s tobacco policies throughout the board’s Sept. 19 meeting. The handbooks have now been updated to clarify the policies for electronic cigarettes.
The new policy states: “This contains the use or possession of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or any other device utilised to vaporize substances for inhalation and the paraphernalia related with stated devices.”
“It’s an epidemic in our nation appropriate now and we are not immune to that,” stated Superintendent Scott Cook. “At the middle college level there has been a massive quantity of violations and at the higher college level there are almost certainly even far more.”
Nicotine and tobacco is not a precise adequate term to categorize vaporizers beneath any longer, due to it not becoming the only substance or stimulant that could possibly be in an electronic cigarette or inhalation device. It has been about 3 years given that a cigarette has been confiscated and all of the existing violations have been with electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.
In other enterprise, Mt. Vernon music teacher Jane Phillips gave a report on the Mt. Vernon Intermediate College Honor Choir. Philips began the immediately after-college system 3 years ago and at present there are 50 students participating. She brought along some of the honor choir members and the students demonstrated some warm-up workouts along with singing the Mt. Vernon Alma Mater song. Each and every student got the chance to speak to the board and all students produced remarks about how critical honor choir is to them.
The board also authorized alterations to the board policies for expert and assistance employees brief-term and lengthy-term leaves. In the previous, all eligible workers had been paid $10 per day for unused leave with a maximum payment of $100 per year. When retiring or leaving the district they had been paid $10 per day for accumulated sick leave spend. These prices had been not quite competitive with other districts and the board authorized an updated policy.
 The new prices for expert employees will be $40 per day for unused leave with the maximum accumulation of 100 days. Probationary teachers will be reimbursed: $20 per day if resignation letter is submitted prior to January board meeting $15 per day if resignation letter is submitted prior to February board meeting and $10 per day if resignation letter is submitted any time immediately after the February board meeting.
Superintendent Scott Cook also gave an enrollment information report. At present, Mt. Vernon schools have 1,407 students. This quantity is down a total of 18 students from this time final year. More than the final 15 years, there has been a gradual decline in the quantity of students.
The board also authorized the price range for 2019-2020. The price range will reflect the following provisions: completely fund the salary schedule and allowance for incremental movement primarily based on practical experience and education, in addition there will be $250 base salary on the expert employees salary schedule, .76 % will be added onto the base price on all assistance employees salary schedule, two.76 % will be added for workers not connected to a salary schedule sustain a robust educational technologies system increases to operation/building price range to replace outdated HVAC gear and retain buildings and grounds assistance for a higher-high-quality expert improvement system funding for overall health insurance coverage premiums at $481.90 per employee with a $25.54 incentive for participating in the district wellness system funding the neighborhood Actions system for teachers who give tutoring and solutions beyond contract duties.
The subsequent board of education meeting will be held Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m.


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