How to Smoke Shatter (Extensive Guide)


Cannabis concentrates have been rather a hot subject for a though now. Shatter, in unique, is what persons are interested in and quite a few are eager to study how to smoke shatter adequately.

If you are one particular of them, you have come to the ideal location. Right here I’ll cover what shatter is, how it is created, and I will give you all the ideas that you want to make your vaping expertise additional enjoyable than ever.

Very first factors very first – what is shatter?

Shatter is one particular of the most well-liked concentrate extracts on the market place. It is the purest type of butane hash oil (BHO). Due to a higher quantity of THC, smoking shatter has generally been a relatively controversial subject.

That quantity may well differ based on the shatter, but you will hardly obtain concentrates with significantly less than 50% of THC. In some situations, the quantity can attain an astonishing 90%! The conclusion is relatively clear right here –  you definitely want to know what you are performing prior to you start out smoking it.

Shatter is effectively-recognized for its sharp, distinct taste as effectively as extended-lasting effects, which tends to make it a best concentrate for any one eager to attempt some higher-potency weed.

It is also recognized for its strong, glass-like structure that tends to break – therefore its name.

How is shatter created?

Generally, shatter is created in the course of a certain extraction course of action exactly where butane (in a liquid type) is utilized to extract trichomes, tiny hair-like bumps wealthy in terpenes and cannabinoids, from cannabis plant buds.

Low-level heat is then utilized to take away any the butane and any residues prior to the final item is formed.

Although it is a pretty fundamental process and has been utilized efficiently for decades now, it is not one thing you must attempt at house, due to the fact operating with butane can be exceptionally risky, even life-threatening.

This process guarantees that shatter generally has the highest achievable excellent, but it does not establish how clear it will be.

A handful of diverse things play a function when it comes to shatter clarity and texture, but the common rule is –  the greater the excellent of supply components, the superior the shatter.

What procedures can we use to smoke shatter?

Recognizing a bit additional about the structure of shatter, we can lastly examine the essential query – how to smoke shatter efficiently?

You can use many diverse procedures to take pleasure in your preferred cannabis concentrate – making use of a vape pen, water pipe, the hot knifing strategy, and even smoke it out of a joint. Every of these procedures is pretty successful and can deliver a major-notch higher.

To aid you fully grasp what strategy functions finest for you, I will cover all of them in additional detail.

How to smoke shatter with a vape pen?

The easiest (and most handy) way to smoke your shatter is to use a vape pen. Though vape pens have been present on the market place for a though, their reputation improved tremendously in current years.

Their largest benefit is simplicity. Even persons who by no means smoked cannabis extracts in the previous will very easily grasp the fundamentals right here.

Place shatter into a bowl, press the “on” button, and you are prepared to vape! You will want to hold the button for as extended as the session lasts, but it is not a main distraction, definitely.

Make certain you draw gradually and steadily as that is the finest way to make sure you are finding higher-excellent vapor.

Some vape pens enable you to adjust your perfect temperature manually. Reduce temperatures will give you a superior flavor though greater temperatures will deliver a additional potent density.

Ideally, you must obtain a balance amongst the two to prevent throat irritation though nevertheless finding a sturdy and potent rip along the way.

How to smoke shatter with a water pipe?

One more widespread strategy that you can use to smoke shatter comes in the type of a water pipe or “dab rig”, if you choose that term. It is a strategy with the longest tradition and quite a few persons have documented its efficiency in offering good excellent vapor.

Very first, fill the rig with water till you can see big bubbles forming up. Immediately after that, place the nail into the water pipe and heat it additional till it becomes red hot. At this point, you are currently carried out – all you want to do is place shatter on the nail and start out vaping!

It requires about 40 seconds for a nail to cool down absolutely and the longer you wait, the superior the flavor will be. Do not wait also extended, although, as you will waste your concentrates for nothing at all and you will get low-excellent vapor.

How to smoke shatter by making use of a hot knifing strategy?

Hot knifing is one more well-liked way to consume cannabis concentrates, but interestingly sufficient, it is a somewhat controversial strategy. Namely, there’s concern that hot knifing may well get customers injured this way and that the complete process is also risky.

I would suggestions novice weed customers to keep away from sophisticated smoking/vaping procedures, unless they have an seasoned particular person to guide them. In order to expertise all the advantages of hot knifing, it is critical to do every little thing adequately.

If you do that, not only will you get an exceptional flavor, but you will also save a lot of time though preparing for the session.

The very first point you want to do is take two knives and location them onto a stovetop.

Heat them till they develop into red hot. You will not have to wait also extended when you see red colour, that is a clear sign that the knives are prepared.

Spot the shatter amongst the knives and it will progressively fill up with smoke that you can inhale ideal there on the spot.

As you can see, it is a pretty straightforward and price-successful way to take pleasure in your shatter. As extended as you do it adequately, you will not have any concerns whatsoever.

How to smoke shatter out of a joint?

Lastly, I want to describe how you can smoke shatter out of a joint. This process is named twaxing, and it is quite simple, but I will add some ideas that will aid you maximize the vapor excellent.

Very first of all, make certain you push shatter into a joint pretty gradually as you do not want to break the paper and waste your mixture.

You must add some oil to the joint beforehand to make this aspect simpler. Now push the shatter down the joint but not to the pretty bottom. If you do that, an huge quantity of THC will finish up in an open flame and the vapor will drop its potency.

From my expertise, you can push the shatter up to the middle of the joint and that will be sufficient for an enjoyable expertise. The joint consumption will be slower than usual, but it will give you additional time to take pleasure in your vaping session.

This strategy is a bit trickier than the earlier 3. If you do it ideal, although, you will get rather an extraordinary flavor and the effects will final for a though.

A couple of further ideas

  • Make certain you generally smoke shatter responsibly. The concentrate comes with a big quantity of THC, so you must ideally start out with smaller sized pushes. That way, you can see how your physique reacts and you can adjust your future sessions accordingly. Constantly listen to your physique and by no means go overboard if you have side-effects. If you see that you cannot tolerate shatter at all, look at irrespective of whether this is a excellent solution for you.
  • By no means use a auto lighter to smoke your shatter. Though some sources recommend that this strategy is secure and successful, the truth is, it is way also risky. Furthermore, it pollutes the atmosphere rather a bit, and this is one thing that we want to prevent at all fees.
  • You must generally get your concentrates from a reliable supply. Any low-excellent shatter will take a severe toll on your well being and it is a danger not worth taking. In common, the additional you spend, the superior shatter you will get. Remain away from providers who give “free weed” as nothing at all is definitely no cost in this planet.

In conclusion

Now that you know how to smoke shatter, you can lastly start out vaping! Every of the 4 procedures that I’ve described right here is equally successful and you will not make a error with any of them. As extended as you adhere to the ideas accordingly and do every little thing in moderation, you will undoubtedly have a vaping blast.

Now excuse me, I have some shatter to smoke as effectively.


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