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In the post-prohibition age, new applications for health-related cannabis are emerging all the time, like in the therapy of glaucoma. Now we are discussing cannabis for glaucoma, a single of the most pernicious and prevalent ocular ailments.

The Expanding Healthcare Cannabis Marketplace

Legal health-related cannabis is at the moment out there across the United States, and cannabidiol (CBD) merchandise containing low or no psychoactive properties are even additional accessible. Numerous nations about the planet have adopted liberal regulatory cannabis policies, and this shifting legal landscape has opened the floodgates of cannabis investigation.

Cannabis-primarily based therapies are increasingly accepted as an effective therapy for a wide variety of overall health challenges, like epilepsy, endometriosis, and chemotherapy-connected side effects. One particular emerging application for cannabis is in the therapy of ocular ailments.

Whilst researchers continue to study how cannabinoids interact in the eye and how these effects can increase eye overall health, there is lengthy-standing proof that THC can minimize intraocular stress (IOP).

What does this imply for persons facing ocular illness and is what is the advantage of cannabis for glaucoma?

Cannabis for Glaucoma

The most important threat aspects of glaucoma are age, genetics, and diabetes. Nevertheless, in most circumstances, escalating inflammation leads to elevated IOP that contributes to the destruction of the retina and optic nerve, and ultimately finish-stage blindness. Consequently, lowering IOP is crucial in halting the progression of glaucoma.

The human eye relies on a delicate balance to function. In the anterior chamber amongst the cornea and the lens, a clear fluid known as the aqueous humor circulates amongst the lens and the cornea. In a wholesome eye, this circulation of fluid is regularly regulated. IOP increases when drainage does not retain up with fluid production: stress builds up, major to permanent harm to the retina and optic nerve.

At present, there are quite a few eye drops out there that reduce fluid production and/or improve drainage in the aqueous humor. These therapies are not generally successful more than time, and some carry unpleasant side effects. A second therapy alternative is surgical, like laser and microsurgery, for certain situations. Nevertheless, these surgeries might need to have to be repeated quite a few instances.

These two courses of glaucoma therapy have decreased the incidence of finish-stage blindness, but are not invariably successful.

Receiving Cannabis for Glaucoma into the Eye

Clinical research have shown that cannabinoids minimize intraocular stress (IOP) at least as nicely as most traditional glaucoma medicines when administered orally, intravenously, or by inhalation.

These modes of drug-delivery substantially minimize IOP in a statistically important quantity of glaucoma sufferers and wholesome adults with regular IOP, and maintained this impact for 3 to 4 hours. An additional prospective impact of cannabinoids on the eye apart from lowering IOP is neuroprotective.

By acting on certain ocular receptors, isolated cannabinoid molecules have demonstrated restricted efficacy in guarding the optic nerve from harm and restoring blood provide.

The eye consists of a higher density of cannabinoid receptors.


Whilst it is identified that cannabinoids minimize IOP and might provide neuroprotective rewards, the restricted duration of effects with at the moment out there therapies entails frequent administration. This is a disadvantage compared to other out there therapies with additional sustained effects. An added challenge to cannabinoid-primarily based ocular therapeutics is the difficulty of penetrating the eye barrier.

The human eye is made to reject any foreign matter, like ocular therapies. This tends to make treating internal eye situations such as glaucoma tricky. One particular way to increase the efficacy of medicines derived from cannabis for glaucoma is establishing sophisticated delivery platforms to bypass the eyes all-natural defenses.

Nanoencapsulation delivers very-bioavailable medication to targeted regions, creating cannabis for glaucoma a prospective option to at the moment out there therapies.

The emergence of nanoencapsulated cannabinoid medication delivers a dramatic alter in the delivery of cannabis-derived ocular medicines. With nanoencapsulation, the helpful effects of cannabis for glaucoma have the prospective to increase the lives of millions.

iCANsee: A Vision of the Future of Ocular Care

iCANsee is an Israeli-primarily based ocular overall health startup and subsidiary of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis establishing topical, pharmaceutical grade, cannabinoid-primarily based medicines for prevalent eye issues, like glaucoma.

Using patented nanoencapsulation technologies, iCANsee improves efficacy and bioavailability. The improvement of this major-edge therapy will address a quantity of prevalent challenges to cannabinoid-derived medicines to the eye. These incorporate:

  • Enhanced consistency in dosing
  • Enhanced onset of action by way of direct, neighborhood application compared to indirect procedures of consumption
  • Enhanced bioavailability by bypassing the eye’s structural barriers to absorption

iCANsee cannabinoid eye drops

iCANsee was lately awarded a coveted NOFAR Israeli Innovation Authority investigation grant. This endowment will assistance clinical validation and item improvement of nanoencapsulated cannabinoid-primarily based ocular therapies for a wide variety of eye ailments.

iCANsee is a 1st-mover in the market place, pioneering the future of nanotechnology and the conventional healing properties of cannabis to revolutionize ocular medicine.

iCAN is pleased to announce that iCANsee is supplying an investment chance in their seed round suitable now.

iCANsee are 1st movers in the cannabis ocular therapy market place, with clinical applications and for each more than-the-counter and prescription markets using nanotechnology delivery technique created in Israel. iCANsee was lately awarded a government grant from the Israel Innovation Authority for ongoing R&ampD.

If you’d like to uncover out additional about iCANsee, please download the short right here:

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