Katie Couric Talks The Phenomenon Of CBD And New Podcast ‘Next Question’ | Cubby and Christine Mornings


The legendary American journalist and author Katie Couric came by the Lite FM studio to chat with Cubby and Christine about her brand new iHeartRadio podcast Next Question.

Couric explains since she has a lot of natural curiosity on a wide variety of topics, Next Question has given her the opportunity to learn and, in turn, educate others about many different topics. Episodes of Next Question touch on heavy issues such as CBD, pornography, and more.

Cannabidiol or CBD seems to the be the latest rage and Katie Couric wanted to understand where it comes from and how it works,

“It works on your neurotransmitters and apparently reduces anxiety. I tried a lot of products, I talked to experts, and I talked to Kristen Bell who’s a regular user of CBD. She uses the tincture which you put under your tongue and she’s been very open about her anxiety.”

You can listen to Katie’s podcast on the iHeartRadio app and watch her full interview with Christine and Cubby in the video above.


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