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The Village of Plainfield will not be having into the quickly-to-be legalized cannabis enterprise. The Plainfield Village Board Monday by a vote of five-1 adopted a resolution stating it will not let dispensaries promoting marijuana merchandise to open in the neighborhood. On June 25, Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (Illinois Property Bill 1438). Successful Jan. 1, 2020, the law legalizes the possession, use and obtain of recreational marijuana for men and women 21 and older in Illinois. The law also establishes suggestions for the regulation and licensing of cannabis companies such as dispensaries and cultivation centers. In addition, the law decriminalizes particular prior marijuana-connected convictions and locations a burden on law enforcement connected to the expungement and record maintaining/updating for previous minor offenses, according to Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek.

Trustee Cally Larson mentioned the village is sending a message by means of the resolution. “I can not move previous the enforcement,” she mentioned. “I do not assume Plainfield really should be a test marketplace.” In contrast to alcohol, Larson mentioned there is no field sobriety test if a police officer suspects a driver is below the influence of marijuana. The only alternative is a blood draw, which is time consuming as the driver should be taken to a hospital.

Trustee Harry Benton, who was the only village board member to vote against the resolution, mentioned Plainfield really should not dismiss the possible for sales income. “I do not want to give up tax dollars,” mentioned Benton. “Men and women are going to be working with cannabis merchandise in our town. It is going to be in our backyard and we really should opt in.”

Although the law authorizes the possession of a restricted quantity of cannabis-containing merchandise, nearby municipalities can set limits or opt out on elements such as the obtain, production or distribution of legalized recreational cannabis merchandise. Regional communities can also regulate the time, spot, manner and quantity of cannabis companies, like the minimum separation needs amongst areas by means of the particular use procedure, according to Jonathan Proulx, director of organizing for the Village of Plainfield.


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