Public Wellness Workers Study About Marijuana

A Minnesota group hopes to convince public wellness workers to view marijuana as they do. The organization named “Smart Approaches to Marijuana Minnesota,” is element of a national group that advocates for policy that “neither legalizes, nor demonizes, marijuana.” SAMMn lately held a workshop in Maple Grove for public wellness workers and other people. The occasion covered their view on marijuana policy. That becoming, the state shouldn’t let it to be commercialized.

Members of the group cease brief of advocating to hold recreational pot totally illegal, but they do not want it to be sold in shops. They say states that have permitted industrial marijuana sales, such as Colorado, are not performing as nicely as the public thinks.

“You do not see carnage on the highways,” says addiction researcher Ken Winters. “You do not see communities devastated by a meth addiction like phenomena. But you do see lots of wellness impacts that are not rosy. A single of the difficulties is that I consider the pro-marijuana side, which typically are the politicians ’cause they passed the pro-marijuana bills, do not want to educate their public about it.”

Winters says enabling industrial sales does not decrease the quantity of drug dealers on the street. He says it may perhaps improve demand for illegal sales due to the fact these are not topic to taxes. For much more facts on the group’s stance, verify their web site.

Brandon Bankston, reporting

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