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South Park took a different hit at the marijuana dispensary chain MedMen in an episode that aired on Wednesday.

As sales begin dropping at the fictional cannabis enterprise “Tegridy Farms,” the owner, Randy Marsh, investigates and finds that former consumers are increasingly cultivating their personal marijuana.

“When you develop your personal pot, you are taking weed out of my children’s mouths,” he says.

He enlists his son Stan to testify in front of the City Council, raising fictitious issues about the dangers of permitting property develop.

“What’s occurred to our nation? Folks are getting wronged by a broken technique and we should say no far more. No far more property grown marijuana,” Stan says. “As the son of a proud American farmer, I am concerned about what property grown can lead to.”

“People can develop weed incorrect and poison themselves,” he continues. “Unscrupulous growers could use affordable irrigation and drown babies. The truth is basic, marijuana should be grown with Tegridy.”

When the regional government declines to intervene, two individuals who explicitly determine as MedMen representatives show up at Stan’s farm.

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“We represent a billion dollar marijuana firm. You look to be fighting the identical fight we are,” a single representative says. “We just want to support you. Ever heard of MedMen?”

“We have a prevalent difficulty: property grown weed,” he says, as the trio shares a joint.

“We’re just worried about security, you know? Babies drowning in irrigation and such,” the other individual adds.

Stan agrees that babies drowning is no very good and anticipates the deal the firm desires to offer you.

“So you guys want to place all our funds collectively and we go fuck this town up so no one can ever develop their personal weed once more? I’m entirely in,” he says.

Although deeply hyperbolic, the episode appears to draw from a true-life criticism of the marijuana firm. MedMen was element of a New York-primarily based healthcare cannabis association that sent a policy statement to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) final year, urging him not to let a property cultivation selection in legalization legislation—a request he ended up following in his proposal to lawmakers.

MedMen told Marijuana Moment at the time that it supports a property develop selection but declined to answer distinct inquiries about the company’s involvement in drafting the document.

In the actual policy statement, the association created arguments against property develop that seem to be the basis of the South Park jokes. For instance, the groups expressed issues that marijuana cultivated for private use could include noxious pesticides and other contaminates—though there wasn’t any language about babies drowning.

MedMen did not respond to a request for comment on the episode’s portrayal of the firm by the time of publication.

In a different scene, Tegridy Farms enterprise companion Towelie asks Randy if he created “a deal with a different weed firm.” Here’s the exchange:

Randy: Yes, Towelie, I’m operating on a merger with MedMen

Towelie: MedMen? But these guys are posers.

Randy: We have a deal in the functions to place a cease to property growers as soon as and for all.

Towelie: Jesus, I knew a guy as soon as who believed weed need to be for everybody—a guy who believed in integrity. I do not fully grasp who you even are any longer.

The scene ends with Randy asking what’s “wrong with attempting to defend our enterprise,” to which Towelie responds “weed is not supposed to be some funds-grabbing enterprise model” and that it is “a present from God and not some thing to be exploited by some stupid towel.”

This is not the 1st time South Park has appeared to knock MedMen.

In July, the show released a fictional ad for Tegridy Farms that contrasted its enterprise model with that of a key marijuana corporation that resembles MedMen, even though the firm wasn’t talked about by name. The ad is in the identical style as a true a single the MedMen released in partnership with filmmaker Spike Jonze in February.

MedMen is backing a proposed Florida marijuana legalization ballot initiative that tends to make no provision for property expanding, but an Arizona measure it is assisting to fund does let for private cultivation.

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