ATA Calls for Federal Restrictions on Marijuana Study to be Lifted


The American Trucking Associations has urged the federal government to lift restrictions on marijuana analysis in order to make the roads safer.

The ATA has designed a new policy in response to common liberalizing of marijuana laws across the U.S. A lot more than 90 million Americans now reside in a state that has legalized cannabis for recreational use and the trade physique is concerned about the effect improved marijuana use could have on road security.

It has produced a series of suggestions, one particular of which supports a lifting of the federal restrictions on marijuana analysis. The group is calling for contact for extra analysis into marijuana’s effect on impairment, in particular in conjunction with other substances.

It also urged the government to preserve the ideal of employers to test for marijuana if they identify that use could adversely impact security. It backed the improvement of oral fluid testing and impairment requirements, and it also desires dispensaries, cultivators and producers to spend into a marijuana victims’ compensation fund.

The ATA is the biggest national trade association for the trucking sector. Driving beneath the influence of cannabis is also a hot subject north of the border.

New analysis from not-for-profit auto club CAA South Central Ontario suggests that several Ontarians have been acquiring behind the wheel also quickly right after consuming cannabis. It commissioned Dig Insights to survey 1,510 folks in Ontario in between the ages of 19 and 70 who have a valid driver’s license through June 2019 about their cannabis consumption and driving habits.

By upweighting the responses, it claimed that 1.two million Ontario drivers have driven though higher from consuming cannabis at some point. Seventy-two per cent reported waiting 3 hours or much less to drive, with 27% stated they felt “very or somewhat high” when they did.

“The analysis has shown us that young Canadians are extra at threat of a car crash even 5 hours right after inhaling cannabis,” said Teresa Di Felice, assistant vice-president of government and neighborhood relations at CAA SCO.


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