Main Crime Prices Unaffected by Marijuana Legalization, According to Study



A single factor alarmists appreciate to say is that marijuana legalization will trigger an improve in violent crimes, theft and other big offences. Of course, there has under no circumstances been proof to back up such scare techniques.

But thanks to a current study, we now have some answers – and they are not what prohibitionists want to hear.

According to SciTechDaily, marijuana did not induce the psychotic, irrational behaviours depicted in Reefer Madness that – had they been accurate – would have led to an improve in big crimes against persons or house.


“Minimal to No Effect”


The study’s scope was restricted to two states – Washington and Colorado. Researchers chose them simply because they legalized the drug in 2012, effectively ahead of their (at the moment) nine counterparts. This gave them the widest berth for any trends in crime to totally establish themselves.

They then compared the crime prices in these two areas with 21 states exactly where marijuana is illegal recreationally and at least heavily restricted, if not banned, for health-related use.

Researchers than looked at full FBI crime statistics from 1999 to 2016.

SciTechDaily explains:


“A new study funded by a grant from the National Institute of Justice sought to ascertain the impact of this legal transform on crime prices. The study, which looked at legalization and sales of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington, discovered minimal to no impact on prices of violent and house crimes in these states… The study calculated how violent and house crimes changed for Colorado and Washington right after the legalization and retail sale, and compared the alterations to what occurred in states that had not legalized marijuana.”


Offered the reality that legalization is a hot subject in a lot of states, research like these are far more vital than ever. But they are not constantly so simple.

Previous research failed to supply something valuable. In reality:


“Previous research have reported mixed and inconclusive final results on how legalizing cannabis impacts crime. Some politicians and advocacy groups have utilized these information to assistance their positions for and against legalization.”


Nevertheless, this most recent study is a large improvement, according to its authors:


“In this new study, researchers utilized approaches that they say are far more rigorous than these utilized in prior study (i.e., quasi-experimental approaches that far more closely emulate experiments and supply stronger proof) to ascertain no matter whether the legalization of cannabis led to alterations in crime prices.”



No Mention of Smaller sized Crimes


It is vital to clarify that the study only covered big crimes. The authors freely admit that their study did not cover “other varieties of crime,” such as marijuana-impaired driving.

They also stated that that the effects of marijuana laws can differ from one particular neighborhood to one more inside a state.

Nevertheless, this is nevertheless a start off. Dale W. Willits, an assistant professor in criminology and criminal justice from Washington State University, is a coauthor of the study. He says:


“As the nationwide debate about legalization, the federal classification of cannabis below the Controlled Substances Act, and the consequences of legalization for crime continues, it is necessary to center that discussion on research that use contextualized and robust study styles with as couple of limitations as probable. This is but one particular study and legalization of marijuana is nevertheless somewhat new, but by replicating our findings, policymakers can answer the query of how legalization impacts crime.”


WeedAdvisor’s Assistance for Ongoing Investigation


Though we are content to hear about these current findings, we have an understanding of the limitations and the require for additional study. As worldwide authorities in cannabis enterprise options, WeedAdvisor desires to see the sector acquire a constructive reputation and drop any misinformation or stigma from prohibition.

But the truth is that we require to acknowledge any drawbacks that exist in order to make certain our function as educators remains trustworthy and objective. Hopefully, future researchers will apply the very same methodologies as the aforementioned study to shed light on other crimes and their connection to marijuana.




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