How to Correctly Use Cannabis to Quit Smoking Tobacco

In all probability one particular of the worst drugs on the planet – tobacco – it is arguably one particular of the most complicated to quit as effectively. In reality, much more persons die from tobacco consumption alone, than all other drugs combined (like alcohol).

That is proper, tobacco is the #1 killer in society and has an addiction rating equivalent to that of heroin and cocaine. Industrial tobacco delivers certainly no medicinal advantage or inherent worth to the customer, having said that, shoppers will justify their consumption habits to the ends of the earth.

Quitting is not straightforward – everyone who has been hooked on tobacco can attest to this. Nonetheless, it is not not possible either. Quite a few persons have been utilizing cannabis to assist them kick the “habit”, having said that, most persons use cannabis the incorrect way to deal with the withdrawal pangs that comes from quitting smoking.


Understanding the Addiction

The point you have to have to realize about tobacco is that it is also a “drug”. In reality, it is one particular of the most addictive drugs on the planet and can get persons hooked from the 1st “puff” they take off a cigarette.

Ordinarily, if you know a typical smoker above the age of 25, in all likeliness, he or she began prior to they have been 18. In reality, it is estimated that if you can hold off smoking your 1st cigarette till you are older than 18, the odds of you acquiring hooked diminishes drastically.

You are 90% significantly less probably to continue to smoke if you light up right after the age of 18. Nonetheless, light up prior to that time and you have a 90% opportunity to be a lifer.

Smoking, at least from a societal viewpoint is now noticed as anti-social behavior. Additional locations and persons are denying the liberties of smoking, not to mention the excessive taxes on industrial tobacco is creating it tougher for persons to sustain their addiction.

And it is critical to understand that smoking cigarettes is DRUG ADDICTION. Your physique craves nicotine, and every single time you smoke, you come to be much more resistant to the effects of the nicotine. More than time, you will have to have much more frequent doses to get the exact same feeling.

The moment you snuff out a cigarette, withdrawal symptoms begin kicking in virtually instantly and inside the hour, the smoker will generally light a different cigarette.

It is very prevalent for “average” smokers to attain 1 pack a day, whereas “heavy smokers” would smoke amongst two-three packs per day.


Understanding the Smoker’s trap

The largest problem behind smoking tobacco is the related brain washing that accompanies the addiction. Some of the brain washing is generated by the user, the rest by society and tobacco providers. It is made in such a way that it will preserve the smoker addicted seemingly without the need of any hope whatsoever.

The brain washing can be summarized as follows

  1. I am an addict and my physique now wants nicotine
  2. Cigarettes are isolated events
  3. Cigarettes are “special”
  4. They make you much more relaxed
  5. They assist with anxiety
  6. They assist with concentration
  7. They make specific factors much better

These are only a handful of of the primary concepts, having said that, you can study Allen Carr’s “Easy Way to Quit Smoking” to see these concepts in action. Carr manages to address these prevalent myths about tobacco, enabling you to see the addiction for what it genuinely is.

Getting smoked for much more than twenty years, this book was one particular of the handful of factors that in fact permitted me to say goodbye to the concept of smoking forever.

This was in fact the motivation for me to create this write-up on “how to use cannabis appropriately to quit tobacco”. For the reason that it dawned on me that some persons may well be utilizing cannabis as a substitute for nicotine, which will not kill the “addiction” but in fact preserve it alive even when you physically kick the nicotine out of your technique.


Why Substitutions do not perform

The complete notion behind Carr’s book is to make you understand that “no, you under no circumstances required tobacco in your life and it is not anything valuable you are providing up”. When you are utilizing “substitutes”, you in fact make psychological signals which you are sending to your brain saying, “Nicotine is so valuable, I have to have to have anything to fill the void in its place”.

This only reinforces the paradigm of addiction, and when you are not smoking nicotine, you are associating the “relief of stress” with the action of consuming nicotine.

It is critical to take away all significance from tobacco to ultimately win against the programming.

Employing cannabis the proper way

This is not to say that cannabis cannot assist with the withdrawal pangs. You can conveniently use CBD or even cannabis flower to assist diminish your symptoms, having said that, it is critical to “not use it when you are feeling a pang”.

This may well look counter-intuitive, having said that, it will assist you break the addictive mindset if you do it like this.

It will take about three weeks for you to be physically “free” from nicotine. Nonetheless, if you have been “taking a hit” every single time you really feel like smoking a cigarette, you will nonetheless be “addicted psychologically” to the tobacco.

As an alternative, it is far much more productive to consume cannabis at “set times” through the day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening – In order to deal with some of the withdrawal symptoms – but to not use it as a “replacement”.

Rather, anytime you really feel a withdrawal pang, basically quit for a second and “feel it”. You know that your physique is craving nicotine, but you also realize that smoking will not resolve the issue. Rather, it only restarts the chain of addiction and will preserve you hooked for life.

When you understand that the “withdrawal pangs” are not as serious as you in fact feel they are, you begin constructing up methods to combat these feelings.

In essence, tobacco addiction is mainly a mental situation, but the programming is powerful and we are led to think a number of prevalent myths about tobacco. It is critical to Very first break the programming and then to break the addiction.

Cannabis, ought to not be utilised as a substitute, rather, use it at “Set times” all through the day for common wellbeing upkeep.