Colorado’s Weed Possession Limit is A single Ounce — So How Are House Grows Legal?


Dear Stoner: If I can only possess an ounce, how am I not breaking the law with my residence develop? 3 flowering plants make way much more than that. Hell, one particular plant does.

Dear Marty: Helluva query you got there, Marty. On the surface, it does appear like a contradiction: Skilled residence growers can attain yields of about eight ounces of cannabis from one particular plant alone. But never be concerned, your residence develop is not breaking the possession limit as extended as only 3 plants are flowering. Here’s why: Whilst you are appropriate in saying that the state’s private possession limit for cannabis is one particular ounce (two ounces for health-related sufferers), there is a caveat in the state constitution that enables you to possess much more than that at your developing place, mainly because of precisely what you are worried about.

According to cannabis lawyer Warren Edson, Amendment 64, the voter-authorized measure that legalized recreational pot in 2012, enables Coloradans 21 and up to possess what ever quantity of bud their plants make at their develop place, and the develop place only. After you leave the develop place — in this case, your residence — you can only have one particular ounce of pot on you. Appears ripe for manipulation and blunders, but that is pot regulation in a nutshell. Never get me began on nearby plant-count restrictions for health-related sufferers.

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