Cory Booker is ideal: Joe Biden ought to be ‘high’ to oppose legalizing marijuana


Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) smoked former Vice President Joe Biden more than marijuana legalization in the course of Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate, and that was terrific.

Booker known as out the former vice president for his recent eye-opening opposition to legalizing weed, jokingly saying he believed Biden “might have been higher.”

But this is no joke and Booker swiftly and succinctly reminded Biden — and America — of the failed drug policy that is reigned for also extended. “Marijuana in our nation is currently legal for privileged men and women … and the war on drugs has been a war on black and brown men and women.”

Biden snapped back at Booker to stake his progressive credentials, saying he’s OK letting out of jail any person with a marijuana conviction and expunging their criminal records. “I believe we need to decriminalize marijuana, period,” Biden mentioned.

Biden, nonetheless, seems to be the only 1 or amongst the couple of Democratic presidential contenders opposed to legalizing marijuana at the federal level. He argues that much more study is required to determine if weed is a “gateway drug.”

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Biden is not just old-fashioned. He’s a stubborn prohibitionist averse to catching up to reality — the inevitability of marijuana legalization. He’s blind and intransigent to the discomfort and suffering of so numerous men and women caught in America’s hard-on-crime penchant.

A handful of states have currently legalized pot for recreational purposes but Uncle Sam nonetheless considers it an illegal substance.

Marijuana arrests account for much more than half of all drugs arrests in the United States, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Of the eight.two million marijuana arrests amongst 2001 and 2010, 88% had been for marijuana possession, the group states.

And guess what? Blacks are three.73 occasions much more probably than whites to be arrested for marijuana in spite of roughly equal usage, the ACLU says.

Give it up for Booker for calling out Biden, 1 of the frontrunners in the Democratic race for the White Residence. Are Democrats actually going to choose a marijuana prohibitionist as their 2020 normal bearer?   

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