GB Sciences Closes the Sale of GB Sciences Louisiana Cannabis Small business to Wellcana Plus


LAS VEGAS, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PRESS RELEASE — GB Sciences, Inc. completed the sale on Nov. 15, 2019 of its 50% membership interest in GB Sciences Louisiana, LLC to Wellcana Plus, LLC, an affiliate of Wellcana Group, LLC who owns the other 50% interest. The sale instantly eliminates present money obligations due from GB Sciences as properly as the company’s share of operating expenditures going forward. Even though promoting the cannabis cultivation and oil production enterprise, GB Sciences retained the advantage of Wellcana Plus’s 50% interest in intellectual house created beneath the Master Investigation and Improvement Agreement.

The terms of the sale include things like a promissory note from Wellcana Plus to GB Sciences for $eight million, with payments commencing in June 2020 by means of December 2021. The promissory note is secured by a pledge agreement with the 50% interest as collateral, declining pro-rata with note payments till all principal and accrued interest have been paid. In addition to the note, there will be an earn out of $eight million from operations by means of the term of the Agreement for Solutions which includes renewals, if any. The actual proceeds realized by means of the earn out and the timing of these proceeds will rely upon patient count accretion and the profitability of the Louisiana operations.

John Poss, CEO of GB Sciences, stated, “We believe the transaction is a win for absolutely everyone. Wellcana Group has been an exceptional companion in Louisiana. With the similar managers, we know Wellcana Plus will lead GB Sciences Louisiana to even higher good results for not only their investors but also the sufferers and other stakeholders in Louisiana. For our personal shareholders, the sale will considerably lessen our operating expenditures whilst sustaining the advantage of intellectual house created in Louisiana. It makes it possible for us to concentrate on continued improvement of clinical cannabis formulations for which the organization has filed several patents, and progressing the analysis on our Parkinson’s Illness and Chronic Neuropathic Discomfort formulations towards clinical trials and 1st-in-human pilot research. We think this approach gives tremendous chance to build shareholder worth in this untapped segment of the cannabis sector.”

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