Health-related cannabis a favorable therapy by Fibromyalgia individuals in Israel



To report on the habits of cannabis consumption amongst fibromyalgia individuals in Israel.

Individuals AND Approaches:

An Web-primarily based questionnaire was posted to 3 huge fibromyalgia Facebook groups in our nation. The questionnaire was anonymous and integrated demographic, clinical, and cannabis-connected concerns, like acquisition of a license for healthcare cannabis (MC) system and quantity of cannabis consumption want to buy cannabis beyond the healthcare allowance impact of cannabis on discomfort, sleep, depression, and anxiousness adverse effects of cannabis feelings of dependence on cannabis or other meds the involvement of loved ones members tendency to drive soon after using cannabis and employment and social disability status.


Of two,705 persons, 383 (14%) responded to the questionnaire, with a imply age of 42.2±14.two years. Of the responders, 84% reported consuming cannabis, and 44% have been licensed for MC. The imply quantity per month of cannabis consumed was 31.4±16.3g, and 80% of cannabis consumers (CC) smoked pure cannabis or cannabis mixed with tobacco. Discomfort relief was reported by 94% of CC, whilst 93% reported enhanced sleep top quality, 87% reported improvement in depression, and 62% reported improvement in anxiousness. Of MC-licensed CC, 55% bought cannabis beyond the healthcare allowance on the black market place. Adverse effects have been reported by 12% of CC. Only eight% reported dependence on cannabis. Most CC (64%) worked either complete- or portion-time jobs, and 74% reported driving “as usual” under cannabis use.


Cannabis consumption amongst fibromyalgia individuals in our nation is really popular and is mainly not licensed. Almost all CC reported favorable effects on discomfort and sleep, and couple of reported adverse effects or feeling of dependence on cannabis.


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