1Match Concentrates Are A Fake Brand


1Match seems to be either fully fake, or a residence-brew street brand. Details on this THC vape cart is particularly sketchy, and but persons preserve asking about them on line so we know they’re out there.

It appears persons are asking about them at least after a week.

Comments variously point out that 1Match carts are displaying up in New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, so we’re guessing these float about in the east coast location. On the other hand, 1 of the festival shots beneath shows somebody with a bag with a California state flag graphic on it, so perhaps they set up in California as well, or that is just a tourist.

1Match Concentrates seems fake, no recognized seller or supply

Attempt to really obtain this “1Match” organization and you will run out of leads genuinely rapid! Most effective we located is this Instagram account. Note also that there’s flyers for appearances by this 1Match outfit at a variety of festivals.

festival flyer mentioning 1match

They also post images of booths set up at festivals:

1Match festival booth

1Match festival booth

We see underground festivals promoting bunk carts all the time

We’ve even noticed entire pop-up tent shops promoting many fake THC cartridge brands just before. So we’re absolutely in fake cart territory right here.

A single dead giveaway of a fake brand: inconsistent packaging

The 1Match “brand” appears to transform packaging with the seasons.

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

1match packaging variant

That is a total of eight distinct package versions. If there have been a actual organization behind 1Match, they’d be demonstrating a lot of confusion about how their branding need to appear.

1Match packaging involves on line hyperlinks

1match packaging variant

Note this package has the Instagram channel we mention above printed on the box.

1match packaging variant

Now here’s a distinct web site printed on an additional packaging variant. The web site at “www.1match.us” is a dead domain at present. So considerably for that lead.

How can 1Match be “lab tested”?

A single extra aggravating detail: The back panel of the package in that final photo has some test visible on the left. The text claims their solution is “guaranteed” and “lab tested.” Presumably all proof of that disappeared with the vanished domain.

Please, do not let black marketplace brands fool you! Each and every single 1 of them now claims to be “lab tested” everywhere, and but in the ongoing vaping lung harm crisis there are at present two.2K persons hospitalized and 47 dead. They all didn’t just slip on a banana peel.

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