Garrigus gives thoughts on Tour’s drug policy, points out ‘double standard’


ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. – Robert Garrigus speaks quick and covers a lot of ground. He also projects his point which is only awkward due to the fact of exactly where he launched into his drug-testing manifesto.

“I wasn’t even worried about it. Then I do not get an e-mail (letting him know he’d passed the drug test) three weeks later and I believed, ‘Oh no,’ ” he explains when asked about the drug test he took in February that would ultimately lead to a 3-month suspension.

Garrigus goes on to clarify his thoughts on CBD use and the Tour’s policy toward recreational drugs all inside arms length of a group of drug-testing officials following the very first round of the RSM Classic. Even though the moment felt like two world’s colliding, for the 42-year-old, it is his new standard.

When the Tour announced his suspension for testing constructive for marijuana in March, Garrigus accepted his punishment. He nevertheless does.

“It’s not the Tour’s fault, it is my fault. I did it, I personal up to it,” he says just before explaining how the topic has evolved, “but there demands to be a discussion. There demands to be some frequent sense right here.”

If the Tour’s drug testers occurred to get an earful, then so be it. For Garrigus, the a lot more persons who speak about CBD use and how it fits into society and modern day discomfort management, the much better. It was the identical message he had for Tour commissioner Jay Monahan when the two met at the John Deere Classic in July.

“Jay has an image that he has to uphold and they are not going to have a THC enterprise sponsor an occasion, even even though CBD firms do which tends to make me giggle, as effectively,” Garrigus says. “There’s nothing at all the Tour can do ideal now due to the fact we’re following WADA’s recommendations, but we’re not partners with [the World Anti-Doping Agency]. If we had been partners with WADA every single single drug test would be identified, but because we’re following their recommendations there is commissioner discretion. He has the discretion to place it [test results] out into the public.”

Garrigus, Every single take fault for violation, but also exception to the Tour’s policy

Garrigus’ rambling take touches on a lot, which includes the Tour’s status with WADA. The Tour is not a signatory to the WADA code and thus not expected to seek the advice of with WADA on the circuit’s list of prohibited substances, despite the fact that the Tour did make the two lists identical in in 2017.

Garrigus – along with Matt Every single, who was suspended for 12 weeks final month following testing constructive for cannabis – contends the Tour’s policy as it applies to CBD and THC use is outdated, even risky.

Each Garrigus and Every single had been prescribed cannabis by their physicians in Arizona and Florida, respectively, exactly where health-related marijuana is legal.

“I urged [Monahan] to make certain there had been no discrepancies,” Garrigus says. “If everyone has a drug test and they fail for a recreational [substance] – I get efficiency-enhancing drugs, that is a no-go – but recreational drugs, I really feel there should really be some discretion on how and what goes into that.”

Garrigus had just signed for a very first-round 81 in February at the AT&ampT Pebble Beach Pro-Am when he was tested.

“It was the worst round of my PGA Tour profession,” he says. He adds that he hadn’t utilized the CBD drops that had been prescribed by his medical doctor in a lot more than a week, but nevertheless tested constructive.

For the duration of his suspension, Garrigus mentioned he lost 20 pounds. He had himself tested every single week and found that it took 120 days for the THC to leave his program. When he returned from his suspension in July he had 4 events to preserve his Tour card and predictably struggled.

“If you are smoking reefer on the golf course, you certainly shouldn’t be performing that,” he says. “But if you are taking drops or taking CBD that has THC in it and your levels go also far then there demands to be a discussion. Regrettably, I was suspended for 3 months and missed 12 tournaments and it crushed my year, fundamentally.”

What Garrigus actually has an situation with is what he considers the outrageous double regular produced by his suspension.

“I know what [CBD] does for me,” he says. “It aids with sleep, anxiousness, inflammation in my joints. I had to cease taking it due to the fact of my constructive test and the THC level in what I was taking was also higher, even even though it was prescribed by a medical doctor. I could be on Oxycontin on the golf course and get a [Therapeutic Use Exemption] for that. I consider that is ridiculous.

“The Tour can speak to me all they want about it, but that is a double regular. If you consider that I am much better on the golf course on Oxycontin than I am on THC then you have lost your thoughts. It tends to make me laugh.”

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The Tour didn’t respond to a request from for clarification on no matter whether a Therapeutic Use Exemption would be granted for Oxycontin use and not THC use.

Garrigus’ belief is that the opioid crisis could be mitigated by CBD and THC use, but only if officials, either with the FDA or PGA Tour, move beyond outdated views of marijuana.

For now, he’s content material adhering to the Tour’s drug-testing policy and managing his discomfort with a lot more standard drugs.

“I have so a lot of aches and pains it is not even exciting,” he says.

Asked what he’s now taking for his discomfort management: “Advil. That is very good for my liver. Cannot wait for that test.”


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