Lowe’s Removes Kitchen Scales From Web page Right after Viral Reddit Post


Lowe’s is well-known for promoting household wants — which includes scales that you can use to weigh your weed.

On Wednesday, this Reddit post went viral as customers chimed in to comment on the photo’s likeness to marijuana. “Does the weed come with the scale?” a single user wrote. “Want me to place weed on the scale so it gets far more clicks?” joked yet another.

presently on lowes web site from funny

“Something is incorrect with their broccoli,” remarked a single user. “Something is ideal with their broccoli,” responded yet another.

Other folks recommended that the mystery herb could be kale or dried kale chips, although even they seemed skeptical.

“It’s just kale chips, but I’m just about particular the individual editing the pictures for this item intentionally produced it appear like marijuana,” wrote a single user. “Because I have in no way noticed Kale chips that had that significantly brown colour on them.”

Regardless, the official name of the appliance —the Ozeri 420 Kitchen Garden Scale — has some scratching their heads.

On Wednesday evening, thumbnail pictures of the scale have been nonetheless on the Lowe’s web site, although clicking straight on the item redirected to an error web page. By Thursday morning, the scales had been removed totally from the web site.

Ozeri, which describes itself as “a specialty manufacturer of life-style merchandise for the modern day residence,” is a common appliance supplier for many retailers, which includes Amazon and Macy’s. As of Thursday morning, hyperlinks to the item on Amazon redirect to a 404 web page, the exact same point takes place when you want to verify out the item in the Macy’s shop.


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