North Carolina Woman Searches for Love on New Netflix Dating Show

CARY, N.C. — “Indian Matchmaking” is a modern-day take on the old tradition of arranged marriage.

What You Need To Know

  • A Cary woman was cast on Netflix’s new hit “Indian Matchmaking.”
  • The show was on Netflix’s top 10 in the US and India.
  • While she didn’t find love, Manisha Dass discovered a lot more about herself.

The new Netflix docuseries followed one of India’s most sought-after matchmakers as she searches for perfect pairs among her potential prospects.

Two years ago, Triangle resident Manisha Dass responded to a casting call on Instagram for singles looking for love.

“I tried everything when it came to the dating world. Dating apps, set up by friends, approached people in various social settings, and nothing manifested for me,” Dass says.

In April 2019, the occupational therapist flew to Austin, Texas to meet her match, with her mother and cameras in tow.

She left feeling pretty hopeful but ultimately decided they were better off as friends.

While Dass didn’t find love, she discovered a lot about herself.

“I’m more familiar with my heart’s compass,” the UNC grad says. “I know what direction I want my life to go in.  I do want to get married still, but it’s more important for me to meet the right person.”

She’s still single but thanks to the show’s popularity, she’s got options.

“Several guys have slid into my direct messages with their biodatas.  So it’s interesting,” she says.

Dass figured the show would attract a big South Asian audience but is blown away by the international attention it’s gotten.  She’s heard from friends in Spain, London, the Middle East, and other corners of the world.

Marriage is still a priority, but she’s not going to force it.

“The harder you search for it, sometimes the harder it is to find.  I’m kind of letting it happen.  Let it come to me,” Dass says.

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