Senator Angus King expresses concern over state of USPS

Senator Angus King expresses concern over state of USPS

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) -Senator Angus King says there some major concerns with the state of the U.S. Postal Service.

King says the post office is close to running out of money which would be a disaster for the country, especially right now.

He says the Postmaster General is slowing down mail delivery due to reduced hours and overtime during a time when people need the mail the most.

He says that’s dangerous when people are relying on things like prescriptions and social security checks.

King also worries what this will mean for the election.

King says one of the major problems stems from a decision made by Congress in 2006 to pre-fund 75 years of health and pension benefits.

He says there could be a quick fix with cooperation from the Trump Administration.

”I think Congress has to tackle this in a comprehensive way, probably after the beginning of the year, but in the meantime, we appropriated 10-billion dollars as a loan for the treasury for the post office back in March. And they haven’t allowed those funds to go out. And that would go along way towards solving the problem so I think there’s some fault to go around here, Congress shouldn’t have put this burden on them back in 15 years ago but the administration is not making anything any easier by what looks like a deliberate attempt to slow down the delivery of mail heading into an election year when we’ve never had a more emphasis on people being able to vote safely by mail as they can hear in Maine and in something in like 40 states across the country,” says King.

King says people should not have to decide between risking their health and voting.

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