Shut Up, Dude: This Week's Best And Worst Comments

Here’s 9-year-old Moroccan Cannon responding to fan requests to put his mom, Mariah Carey, in his TikTok.

Enjoy it while it’s legal Moroccan!


#7  conner5real
Score:66 | Jul 31st

So on one hand, you have Bandcamp realizing the tough spot musicians are in these days – COVID or no COVID – and having multiple days in which they give up all their profits to support the actual creators.

On the other, ya got Swedish Dr. Evil over here calling on musicians to keep cranking out the product and blaming them for not getting with the times, while he sits on nearly $5 billion and gives one of the lowest per-stream payouts in the entire industry.

I hope he falls into a volcano.

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#6  dadguitar
Score:73 | Aug 3rd

I’m glad the campaign is going so well! I know lots of people have said this, but Stereogum is the only site I visit daily. You’ve introduced me to so much awesome new music I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. Looking forward to hearing the comp! Keep up the great work!

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#5  sandro
Score:-36 | Aug 4th

There’s no vaccine and even if there would be a vaccine you would still have to follow all the rules that are made up today. Festivals, shows…It’s all over man.

Do you actually think they let these trinklets of disaster news drop without reason. Don’t get your hopes up.

So either you live the dullest life from corona wave till corona wive till the end of times or you figure a way to get social life back on track.

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#4  sandro
Score:-42 | Aug 4th

You guys actually think there will be a vaccine in half a year? It takes years to get a safe vaccine. I kind of understand these parties. I’m not planning on living like a hermit for years. And for what…giving some old geezers a few more months to live until they die from the disease that made them weak in the first place.

I’m exhausted. And everybody looking forward to a vaccine in the hope that everything will get back to normal are fooling themselves.

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