There will indeed be a Bye Bye in 2020

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There will indeed be a Bye Bye in 2020
We cannot say that this year is not rich in content.


Richard Therrien from Soleil tells us that the duo Simon Olivier Fecteau (director) and Guillaume Lespérance (producer) will be back at the helm of a Bye Bye 2020.

As the 2019 edition had been heavily criticized, we could have imagined that Fecteau and Lespérance choose to withdraw, as they had done Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette in 2008 after difficult reviews. But, obviously, they have decided to stand up and will go ahead with a new edition.

Last year the Bye Bye had won 4,371,000 viewers.

Remember that we also deplored the fact that there were no women in the team of writers of the Bye Bye 2019. We can believe that the shooting will be corrected this year.

This 2020 edition of Bye Bye will undoubtedly be tinged with an air of pandemic. A lot of gags have already been made on the subject, so it will be difficult to be original and relevant, but we trust them. The new wave of denunciations is likely to be addressed as well, even if it is a delicate subject.

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