How To Properly Clean Your Wiper Blades

How To Properly Clean Your Wiper Blades

How To Properly Clean Your Wiper BladesHow To Properly Clean Your Wiper Blades

Squeaking wipers distracting you and preventing you from seeing clearly? Find out how to properly clean your wiper blades to restore this essential safety system. Don’t invest in new wipers or continue to drive with poor visibility, but learn how to quickly and easily restore your ride. Once you tackle this easy maintenance task, find out how you can use loaner tools to accomplish other maintenance projects.

If your windshield wipers are simply smearing dirt and grease over your windshield, it’s time to wipe them down. Start with a damp cloth and wipe your wipers. If this doesn’t work, you may need a glass cleaner, wax remover or specialized windshield wiper product. The problem may also be caused by your windshield wiper fluid, so inspect this to see if it needs to be replaced or topped off. A new set of wiper blades may be necessary if none of these tasks restores the performance of this key safety system.

Why AutoZone’s Loaner Tools Can Help When Working on Your Own Vehicle

Many maintenance tasks require specialized tools. You can take on a windshield wiper replacement service without any tools, but tuning-up your engine, replacing your exhaust or checking the error code on your engine control unit all require unique tools. These tools can be quite expensive, so save money by using a local loaner tool program.

Select the tool you need to take on your specific project. Discuss the project with a local auto parts technician or download a free online resource guide to ensure you know the proper way to use your borrowed tools and how to replace the damaged component.

All you need to do is leave a deposit and you can borrow a professional tool. Use it to inspect, repair or replace an essential auto component before returning it and receiving your entire deposit.

Why You Need to Have a Windshield Wiper Replacement in Your Vehicle

Cleaning your wiper blades is only a short-term solution. Once your wipers reach the end of their life, a cleaning isn’t going to restore your vision or remove that irritating chattering sound. Find out why it’s important to stay consistent with your wiper replacement schedule.

It’s recommended to replace your windshield wiper blades every six months or year. This depends on how frequently you use them, your local climate and the type of blades you have. Replacing them is an essential maintenance step that keeps your windshield free from streaks.

Damaged wiper blades won’t properly clean your windshield. Expect to see streaks, gaps and other performance issues when your blades are reaching the end of their life. Chattering, squeaking and other issues can also be caused by damaged or worn-out blades.Find the correct windshield wipers size for your vehicle before ordering new ones today. Simply measure the length of both wipers to shop for the right size. Another easy way to select a size is to search based on your make and model of vehicle. Your local auto parts store has a complete database of vehicles and the correct replacement parts.


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