5 CBD Products That May Help Moms Beat Stress

Cannadish 1500mg CBD oil peppermint bottle with tube

If you are a mom reading this, you know better than anyone that being severely stressed will lead to health issues and fast. So how can Mom’s beat stress with CBD? Keep reading and we’ll show you 5 great CBD products that may help you bust stress for good!

Doesn’t it seem that the more you have on your plate, the higher your risk is for stress and anxiety? Cue the CBD Mama! It may just be the stress-relief you’ve been looking for all your life.

CBD comes from either a marijuana or a hemp plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)—which only comes from marijuana—CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore, won’t get you high.

CBD May Help Moms with Stress and Anxiety

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Tons of research out there on the world wide web concludes that CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-psychotic, anti-convulsant, and antidepressant properties. Yes, please!

Let’s look at geography for just a moment. CBD products derived from marijuana are only available in states that have legalized the plant, while those that come from hemp are easy to find online and in stores nationwide.

8 CBD Products That Can Help Moms Beat Stress

1. UDEA CBD Bath Bombs

Luxurious, fizzy, and a whole lot of fun in the bathtub, CBD bath bombs will help soothe your stressed-out muscles and joints, potentially reduce inflammation, and leave you feeling moisturized and nourished all over. The great part here is that you can have a spa at home, but you won’t get high. Mom win!

100mg CBD bath bomb with rose scent jar and box

2. CBD Gummy Edibles

Maybe when you read the word edibles you immediately think of getting high – but that’s not the case here. These yummy CBD gummy edibles are designed for your health and wellness. While we always suggest doing your research, you’ll see that plenty of reports and case studies show that CBD can help you alleviate anxiety, depression and increase your mood while helping your body to manage pain too! Think of these edibles like a Flintstone gummy – fun and good for you!

Homemade cannabis gummy bears with weed buds

3. CBD Oil with Peppermint

Smooth, dark, and dare we say handsome? Like the perfect man, CBD oil has everything you need and more. Broad-spectrum CBD oil ( which means it has no THC at all) is mixed with soothing and cooling peppermint oil to not only support your wellness, but it tastes nice too and peppermint is great for kissing so pucker up, Mama! Stress melts away with a daily dose.

Cannadish 1500mg CBD oil peppermint bottle with tube

4. CBD Oil Capsules

Not everyone loves a spoonful of oil, we get it. And since this article is all about beating stress for Moms, if oil stresses you out – we have the solution! CBD Capsules! Easy to swallow, with quality CBD oil, these little babies will be one of the best things Mom’s can do to beat stress daily.


5. CBD Shampoo and Conditioner

Here’s how it goes for Moms: You run around day and night trying to make sure your kids are happy, healthy, and entertained. Making sure they are safe and out of harm’s way. At the end of the busy day, the last thing you want to do is worry about your hair. Here’s a hair miracle we have to share with you: CBD Shampoo and CBD Conditioner. Oh yeah. Great for all hair types and when you feel like pulling out your hair because your kids are stressing you out? This shampoo may even help your hair grow!

Luxury CBD Shampoo by UDEA

So Moms, before back to school and all of the stress we’ve been dealing with collectively builds up, do yourself a wellness favor and check out CBD products for a more healthier, well you!

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