Mile High Cure CBD Products Review

Mile High Cure CBD Products Review

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Stay Ready Hemp-Infused Male & Stay Wet Hemp-Infused Female Sexual Enhancers

This is definitely the oddest yet most intriguing product I’ve seen in the CBD world: sexual enhancement CBD capsules. I was dumbfounded when I found out that people give their pets CBD, but once I understood more about what CBD is, I appreciated CBD pet treats for their calming qualities. But CBD sex capsules? I was wildly curious to see how they would work. I’ve never taken sexual enhancement capsules before and have a healthy sex life. But if you can make great sex even better, why wouldn’t you want to try it? Now the following review is going to get graphic and pretty descriptive, so I apologize in advance for anyone reading this who isn’t prepared for a peek into my sex life!

The Stay Ready and the Stay Wet sexual enhancer capsules come with two capsules in each packaging. The tilt-card packaging for the Stay Ready capsules shows the lower halves of both a male and female, apparently deep in the throes of a heavy makeout sesh. The tilt-card packaging for the Stay Wet capsules shows the top half of a naked woman covered in butterflies, an obvious nod to Mile High Cure’s logo. Both of the capsule packs state the capsules are doctor-formulated and hemp-infused sexual enhances, while the Stay Ready pack states that there is no headache as a side effect of taking the capsules. The back of the tilt-card packaging has directions for use in both English and Spanish (take an hour before sexual activity, preferably with a meal and 8 oz. of water) and a warning to keep away from children and to consult with your physician if you have health issues; however, you don’t need a prescription to take these. The Stay Ready pack states that the formula is natural and simple to take, as well as how to prepare to enjoy the capsules. Since this only works with sexual stimulation, you won’t need to worry about walking around with a raging hard-on as you see in the movies!

The Stay Wet Ingredients are Full-spectrum Hep, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto berry, Tonkat Ali Root, tribulus terrestris P.E,, polypodium vulgare, Muira Puama Root L-Arginine, Panaz Ginseng Root, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Leanine, cordyceps sinensis, epimedium, and maca root. The Stay Ready ingredients are Full Spectrum Hemp, Yohimbine, Icariine, Cucuta chinensis Lam, Songaria, Cynomorium herb extract, tribulus terrestris P.E, and Medicinal Indian Mulberry Root P.E. The serving size is one capsule, and both packs contain two capsules each. There is a QR code on the back you can scan that takes you right to Mile High Cure’s website if you want to check out the rest that the company has to offer. Lastly, the American flag on the back of the packaging expresses that the Stay Wet and Stay Ready capsules are made in the US. And that’s it for the packaging! Now that we’ve exhausted that, let’s tear into the actual product!

Both of the tilt cards have hard plastic bubbles on the front of the card that encases a large capsule-shaped plastic housing for the two capsules. In order to open the packaging, you need to remove a very strong adhesive tape covering the back of the card packaging. Once this is removed, you can remove that capsule-shaped plastic housing and easily pop it open to get to the black capsules within. I will say that despite the professional design of the packaging, I was a little surprised (and disappointed) that the capsule-shaped package was a little too easy to open. I would have liked a screw-off top to prevent the capsules from scapsuleing onto the floor (especially if I had opened the container too quickly). The capsule-shaped plastic, although completely clear with a gold chrome cap, seemed cheaply made; it was also covered with the gluey residue from the strong adhesive tape, making my thumb and index finger annoyingly sticky as I handled it. But once I had the capsules in my hand, I took a few moments to curiously examine them. The black capsules were a little smaller than the size of a Tylenol PM capsule and had an incredibly tiny white butterfly stamped on the front, along with the words Est. 2017 in the center. And now…for the actual review of the performance!

We’ll start out with the female sex capsules because, as a female, I can intimately and accurately describe my body’s reaction to the capsules, whereas, with my partner, I can only ask him how he’s feeling and then translate that into this review. We took both of the capsules at 11 PM on a Friday night. The directions say you can take either 1 or both, and we figured best to go all in, first try! We purposely did not look at the expected results to avoid bias when we looked back on our performance. The directions also said that the capsules should kick in about an hour after taking it, but we both agreed that we felt the capsules start working within the first half an hour. My partner felt horny and ready to go (no pun intended!) and I felt myself getting heated and lusty well before the hour was up. We managed to wait the entire hour before tearing each other’s clothes off and enjoying the full benefits of the capsule. We both marveled at the sexual effects of the pull both during and after. My partner confirmed that he felt a surging increase of blood flow in his penis throughout the entire sex session and felt more sensitive in the penis head. One thing he was delighted about was that he maintained a semi-erection when we had taken a break from our sex session (we both enjoy it fairly rough and passionate), whereas normally he would have gone limp. He said that his penis felt thicker and his orgasm was more intense. He wanted to keep going even after our first orgasms were achieved and was able to go multiple rounds. For me, I definitely felt wetter and sexier. I felt hotter (which explains the cayenne pepper ingredient in the Stay Wet ingredients) and even during foreplay, I was extremely aroused to the point that I literally felt like the vaginal juices were dripping down. I was horny even at the slightest touch and my orgasm was extremely intense. I felt much more sensitive when I did orgasm and the sensitivity was so incredibly intense in my clitoris that I had to push my partner away and beg for a break. I couldn’t bear to have my clit touched, licked, or even breathed on, which is unique because normally I can withstand a light touch right after orgasming. We finished around 1:15 am and jotted down our initial thoughts before falling into a deep and refreshing sleep. We woke up at 6:00 am and were still so horny (wet and ready!) to go another round before finally getting up for the day at 7:00 am. Although these capsules don’t have an estimated time-frame, we felt the effects from 11:30 PM and enjoyed them again in the morning until 7:00 AM, around 7.5 hours.

For a sexual enhancer capsule, I can confirm that these capsules work wonderfully for both the male and the female. If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, add more fun into the bedroom, and increase your libido, I strongly encourage you to try these capsules out. Even though the ingredients list was incredibly descriptive, I wasn’t able to see anywhere on the packaging or the website if the hemp used was either broad-spectrum or full-spectrum. Both the Stay Wet and Stay Ready capsules retail for $19.99 on the site, but Mile High Cure constantly has deals (buy one, get one free) or price drops from $19.99 to $9.99. As a 29-year-old female with no health issues and my 30-year-old partner who also has no health issues, these capsules weren’t necessary but definitely added a playful and highly enjoyable experience to our already pleasurable sexual experience!

Whew! Glad to see you’re still with us! These products were so incredibly wonderful to sample and review that I’m almost sorry we’re at the end! I think we can safely say we’ve exhausted the categories of CBD with this review, and I’m damn proud of that! Believe it or not, this is only a fraction of the products available at Mile High Cure.

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