‘This Transaction is Under Review’- Paypal

When you begin selling and using paypal, they hold your money for several weeks, sums both large and small. After a couple of months (of all positive transactions), they seem to relax things a bit, and occasionally pick on some random transaction (like yours) from time to time. Usually, no big deal though after the initial pain. If however, you start having lots of returns or demands for refunds, they can put you back on ‘probation’ as I call it and make you wait weeks for your money. Essentially they say they are guaranteeing customer’s money, when in fact, YOU are guaranteeing customer’s money by allowing paypal to keep money they owe you now, in escrow (waiting to payback complainees)…..

On a related note, I recently made a bad purchase on HIPstamp, with a seller who I didn’t notice had ‘very few transactions’, and it took me a couple of days to determine it was suspicious. When I did, I filed an issue with Paypal to recover my money, and so far, they’ve denied it out of hand. Essentially, I ‘purchased’ a fairly expensive item, seller posted as shipped with a tracking number, two days later their store disappeared from HIP, and then I checked the tracking number and it doesn’t appear to be ‘real’ or recognized by the shipper. I complained via HIP and via Paypal, and so far, they’ve rejected and ignored my complaint. So much for any money back guarantee (they claim to provide)!!!! I’m out some pretty big bucks, even though I thought there wasn’t much risk to using Paypal/Ebay/Hip to buy things. Ideas/thoughts anyone on what avenues I might have to recovery? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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