First edible experience (a bad one) and still not recovered. What happened to my brain/body?

31M, US – Last Wednesday on a whim I decided to buy a 100mg chocolate bar from the local dispensary, never tried it before so I was just curious. I knew not to eat the whole thing so I ate maybe a fifth of the bar. What proceeded from there over the next eight hours was the worst experience of my life and I won’t go into details because I know this is a common thing, but looking back on it I would honestly rather die than go through this experience again.

So at the ER they gave me an Ativan (benzodiazepine) and a shot of Dropiderol (anti-psychotic) as I was screaming and would not stop. Bear in mind I’m generally health and have no pre-existing mental conditions.

I was able to go home that night (my dad drove me) and sleep. The next day was rough and I felt pretty out of it, dizzy, nauseous, tired yet on edge.

As the days have progressed I have regained for the most part my capacity to function with my job, etc., but I seem to have developed a sort of generalized anxiety disorder that has not let up for at least four days now.

Mentally I feel pretty “stable” if not a bit on edge and hyperactive (not the norm for me), but I continuously have pangs of anxiety in my stomach that radiates throughout my limbs. I’ve been able to sleep fine, except that once I wake up the feelings anxiety set in almost immediately and are there until evening.

I’ve been exercising more to try to “reset” my body, but have not had any improvement. I have a prescription for Klonopin (longer acting benzo) that I have for when I get flare ups of chronic fatigue syndrome, and strangely that does not seem to help. It relaxes me mentally but does not take away that anxious feeling in my body.

Is this some sort of delayed reaction from the THC? Or the Dropiderol?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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