Jenny Welbourn Wants to Change Fashion from the Inside

Whether walking through a vintage haul, cooking a vegan meal, or struggling ever so slightly to install an air conditioner, Jenny Welbourne’s effortless on-screen charm comes across no matter what she’s doing. However, the YouTube star wasn’t always so keen to share her channel when she first launched it. “The first few videos are really bad. I didn’t tell anyone in my personal life for a really long time,” remembers the Colorado native who now boasts over 250,000 YouTube subscribers.

Today much has changed. Welbourn’s living in New York and has created a full-time job from her ability to let others into her world—be it heartbreak, health, or an outfit she loves. Plus, thanks to a snowball effect of a few momentous “first” moments, Welbourn’s not only found success and recognition for her personal brand, but she’s also solidified her place within the fashion industry, driving to make it become more sustainable from the inside.

But as anyone dedicated to slow fashion can attest, changing the industry is a long game. It’s one that Welbourn is built for, as astrologer Alice Bell suggests after looking at her birth chart. “With Gemini rising, you’re someone who probably has a ton of different interests, and you always like to be learning and teaching yourself new things,” Bell tells Welbourn. “This goes along with your Sagittarius moon as well, which is another sign about learning. So you’re at your best when you’re constantly expanding your horizons and teaching yourself everything.”

To celebrate just how far she’s come, Welbourn revisited a few of the pivotal moments that have made her success possible. Meanwhile, Bell helped curate a personalized Pandora bracelet compiled of charms that chart the influencer’s growth and bright future head.

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