White Widow Strain

White Widow marijuana strain is a hybrid with a relatively higher indica dominance measured at 60% against Sativa’s 40%. Although the indica percentage may surpass that of Sativa, the effects do not quite show a typical indica-dominant strain.

One of the prominent characteristics of taking WW is indeed high; one feels tired, lethargic, or cough-locked shortly after feeling immensely energetic.

The History

The history behind White Widow marijuana is rich. This marijuana strain came to the limelight among marijuana users way back in the 90s when Scott Blakey, alias Shantababa took his time to develop what today is regarded as one of the marijuana strains that makes users high instantly.

When developing White Widow, Shantababa was one of the shareholders of Greenhouse Seed Company, a project that saw him produce several marijuana strains that are highly respected world over.

The strain is a cross between a South Indian indica, which is resin-heavy, and the original Brazilian Sativa strain. By combining the two, Scott knew that the effect could not only be soothing but also make one high in an instant.

The difference between this marijuana strain and other related strains is distinctive. One of the significant differences is that WWS has white buds. In addition, they have a crystal resin. Because of this alone, it is easy to spot White Widow from a distance if you were to choose it from a group of other marijuana strains.

A critical look of the strain’s buds, stalk, and flowers will reveal several subtle characteristics. For instance, the white buds also have a chunky look. Besides, they look tapered and seem conical.

Structurally, the flowers tend to fall short of indica but more of Sativa.

Despite White Widow marijuana’s stickiness, you can break it easily because it appears loose and fluffy at the same time. The leaves of this marijuana strain appear light green with separate pistils that can be seen easily.

When talking about White Widows weed strain, Popular Science magazine says, “It is among the popular marijuana strain available to date. The strain is one of the highly ordered around the world.”

If you were to rate how White Widow is consumed, it could be among the highly consumed marijuana strains across the globe with many uses whether for recreational or medical purposes.

In 1995, White Widow was named the winner in the World Cannabis Cup.

Key Facts

Genetics: White Widow was released to the public in 1995, the year in which the strain won the World Cannabis Cup. The strain is a cross between a South Indian indica, which is resin-heavy, and the original Brazilian Sativa strain.

Hybrid ratio: It is a strain with a slightly indica -dominance at 60% indica and 40% Sativa.

THC level: The strain has a THC level that runs from 20 to 25%.

The high: Upon taking a small amount of White Widow strain, the user feels energetic instantly. Besides, it makes the user feel overly excited even on matters that require one to be gloomy and tense in normal circumstances.

Grow Information

White Widow is classified as one of the hearty survivors among the marijuana strains. The staple does not need much experience to grow and nurture it to maturity.

The plant is resistant to bugs, molds, and reasonably reacts to change of weather. It is for these reasons that WW does remarkably better when cultivated in a manner suggested by industry experts.

As long as you maintain the primary conditions, the strain will give you a good harvest without a fuss. When grown for the first time and a few subsequent years, White Widows strain was put indoors. However, there is no harm in growing this strain outdoors as long as you maintain a sunny and warm climate.

A greenhouse is also a good option because it offers a combination of factors that are conducive for White Widows weed strain germination and growth.

Flowering starts around the 8th week. However, for you to attain a frosty, which in most cases is snow-capped, you need to wait for an additional two weeks or so.

If you decide to wait for two more weeks to get the frosty look, then you might be prompted to change the lighting pattern of your greenhouse. The change of lighting inside your greenhouse creates stress to the plants, resulting in an accumulation of frost.

At maturity, White Widows weed strain grown inside a greenhouse can go up to two feet tall. You can expect the strain to be a little taller and thicker when grown outdoors.

Typically, indoor cultivation of White Widows strain will give approximately 20-24 ounces for every square meter. Outdoor harvest may be a bit higher but only if you guarantee the crop an average temperature of about 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit coupled with sufficient and direct sunlight.

White Widow Effects

In a scale of 1 to 10, White Widow has the most significant effect on the user by making him/her overly excited. Following closely is a strange yet euphoric feeling then the user suddenly feels uplifted.

Other effects of the strain once it hits the body include having a relaxed mind and becoming gradually energetic and creative.

Medical Uses

White Widow is known to harbor several medical benefits. Some of the uses of White Widow include the treatment of depression, loss of appetite, anxiety, and mild to chronic pain.

Besides, White Widow has good results in treating nausea, insomnia, and other psychological conditions such as PTSD.

Side Effects

Some of the known side effects of using White Widow include dry mouth (cottonmouth), dry eyes, and dizziness. Overuse of White Widows strain may lead to paranoia and uncontrolled anxiety.

Final Thoughts

White Widows strain may be a one-time World Cannabis Cup winner, but it is one of the famous marijuana strains today. For many years, the strain has had a profound impact medically in the management and treatment of several psychological conditions, including PTSD. You don’t need to be an industry expert to grow this strain to maturity as well as other assorted marijuana seeds on our list. As long as you can maintain a temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you are good to go. You will definitely feel energetic, excited, social, and uplifted if you use a liberal amount of this substance. Beware of having a cottonmouth, dry eyes and a paranoia feeling if you overuse the stain.

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