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New 10L Supercritical CO2 System: $39,000 (until September 18)

Ready for fall harvest ? Buy a new 10L system to process up to 20 pounds per day of hemp into the best quality full spectrum hemp oil and bottle straight from the machine while leaving behind most of the waxes and lipids. CO2 extracts command the best prices, much better than fly-by-night ethanol extraction.

Perfect for: Terpene harvesting, full spectrum oil, tinctures, vertically integrated farm-to-table extractions you can bottle and sell directly to customers, or provide white-label products. Beautiful quality CO2 oil that has a long shelf life. Depending on your sales market, you may be able to sell $1,000 – $5,000 of extracts per processing day. If you mix 1 gram of high value CO2 extracted full spectrum oil with 30ml (about an ounce) of carrier oil, you can sell retail for $45-90 a bottle. Make extra income from Toll Processing (suggest charging $1/gram extracted or take half of the extract as toll – with 10 percent oil content hemp make anywhere from 300 to 900 grams per day extract depending on how long you run. That is $300 to $900 per day income just on toll processing – of course you can charge more than that if you want).

Price hold until September 30th, 2020: Non-refundable deposit of $10,000 (if you don’t pay balance due by September 30th, you lose the deposit, no exceptions).

Email for invoice: [email protected]

A La Carte Pricing: If you want everything including a warranty, then purchase our standard priced machine. If you don’t mind paying for extras, then this may be a good choice. This entry level price gets you into processing quickly. Need training ? Try one of our consultants.

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make oil from hemp flower with this machine

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CO2 Hops Extract


Supercritical CO2 Extraction System Applications and Use

  1. Live resin processing and diamond mining: Using a live resin process, this system can be used for processing the basis of recrystallization (Diamond Mining or Jar Tech). The separation of CB D from terpenes is what Diamond Mining (crystallization of terp sauce) is all about, and is incredibly flavorful and potent end product.
  2. High quality hemp flower extract: Supercritical CO2 provides a superior craft extraction, compared to any other extraction method.
  3. Botanical extract: Supercritical CO2 is the best method to harvest valuable plant terpenes and essential oil.
  4. Produce extract which is ready-to-bottle: Running at near 1,200 psi allows you to leave most of the waxes and lipids behind, producing a terpene rich (around 85 percent CB D near distillate) full spectrum oil which you can mix with carrier oil to bottle and sell direct to retail. In many cases, this eliminates the long post processing winterization step, and saves on labor and equipment needed. This provides the consumer a nearly touch-free extract with more nutrients than traditionally processed (and diluted) hemp oil. Ethanol processing is terpene delinquent, and many fly-by-night processors use charcoal to filter out chlorophyll, and also filter out CB D from the final product.
  5. Terpenes: Supercritical CO2 is a proven method to extract valuable terps.
  6. Plug-and-play: Our systems are built to provide a system that is ready to use after you uncrate. We include a basic installation kit to connect to a small chiller, and vent line for the CO2. Simply attach those, and your CO2 cylinders to fill and run the system. Training is required for this system. We have a learning methodology you need to follow, or you will not learn to run the system. First start with beer hops, which are rich in oil. Then move on to hemp, or other botanicals, after you have learned to use the system properly. Not following this method, will result in poor success rates. We have developed this methodology for years, and it works well, when followed.
  7. One moving part: Our system is unique in that it has one moving part, the liquid CO2 pump. Proper system cleaning, learning, and operation will insure that the pump works properly. Hemp oil is very sticky, and will cause pump failure. The key is to prevent any material from reaching the pump, and it will run well. This is true with most CO2 systems.
  8. Fast return on investment: Using our CO2 extractor, with our learning methodology will get you producing quality extracts quickly. Craft CO2 extracts command a much higher price than any ethanol process, and retain the nutrients and benefits in the plant, versus other extraction processes which result in poor quality retention.
  9. Built in the USA: We proudly build our systems in Ferndale, Washington, USA. Many parts we fabricate in our shop. Our system is engineer peer reviewed and certified. Pressure vessels and closure systems are build and fabricated to ASME certification, by a certified shop in the USA.

Extractors For Hemp. Make quality 85 percent CB D full spectrum oil right out of the machine (no post processing – ready to bottle).

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