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Why do vets not like it?

CBD oil treatments are gaining popularity as veterinary treatment in recent years. Dog owners report that they help with managing doggo anxiety, arthritic pain, and similar problems. Yet, the vast majority of vets still loath to prescribe it, or indeed even discuss it. Why?

We reached out to our friends over at Holista pet, who have great experience with this sensitive topic, and asked them what their vet acquaintances had to say on the subject. According to them, there are a few reasons why a vet might be reluctant to recommend this treatment option.

Firstly, they might not even have any idea about the beneficial effects of the oils. They are medical professionals, after all, and they might instinctively feel resistance towards “alternative” or “complementary” medicine, so they don’t bother to look things up. In that case, have an open conversation. Explain why you think CBD might be good for your furry friend. Just be prepared to provide them with credible scientific sources, not lifestyle blogs!

Secondly, they might have some leftover fear in their heart. CBD used to be illegal, back when all of hemp wasviewed as evil and dangerous in every way. Although nowadays it isn’t, or at least it sits in the gray legal zone (depending on where you live), your vet might not want to risk legal repercussion. Your best bet here is to get familiar with your state legislature on the topic, and then see how to best approach it. You may want to point them towards the 2018 Hemp Production and Farm Bill, which you can familiarize yourself with at this link.

Finally, they might be feeling uncomfortable due to the lack of reputable research. Unlike conventional pharmacology, alternative and holistic medicine like CBD oils and hemp in general are still very poorly understood. Most of the evidence is still anecdotal and we do seriously need more professional scientific study on this topic. If that’s the case, why not search for it together? Your veterinarian will definitely appreciate the effort, and you can both improve your dog care know-how in the process.

With that all said though, most practicing veterinarians can testify to positive experiences.

The good sides of the treatment

Among those health professionals who do consent to use it, CBD oil is usuallycoupled with targeted diet adjustment. Arthritis, inflammation, canine anxiety disorder, and reduced cognitive functions (mostly that caused by aging) have been successfully addressed in this way. Dogs who have a fear of noise and struggle with separation issues also benefit from being treated this way.

Some also report that more serious issues, such as seizures and even cancerous tissue, have been reduced by applying this medicine. Some skin conditions, like warts, spots, and various weird bumps, might also be made to go away. In those cases, rather than ingesting the oil, it ought to be applied topically, in the form of a salve, or potentially as a topical tincture. On that note, if you are curious about CBD oil benefits for the human skin, you can check out this interesting article: https://thebossmagazine.com/cbd-oil-skincare/

Some pet docs who have accepted this treatment option make an interesting point: they draw attention t the fact that hemp-based products are often used to mitigate the negative secondary effects of traditional medicine, such as chemotherapy. Indeed, hemp is known to reduce nausea, headaches, and pains, so it makes sense that it would be used for those effects, if only as a supplementary aspect of a larger therapy plan.

The overall consensus

As of now, there seems to not be any definitive view yet. The veterinary community is divided, and who could blame them? There are undeniable benefits to treating dogs with CBD oils. There are also potentially serious unknown risks and side effects. We simply don’t know enough.

If you’re considering treating your dog’s health problems this way, speak to your vet with candor. Be understanding if they seem reluctant or skeptical: after all, this goes against most of their education and practice. Kindness and honesty are your best bet. Remember they have your pet’s bets interest at heart.

Source: https://www.reportdoor.com/cbd-oil-for-dogs-from-a-veterinarians-perspective/

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