Domino’s has been working on pizza delivery innovation for years. During quarantine, its efforts …

When we think of companies benefiting from quarantine, Amazon and Zoom probably come to mind.

Whether or not you’re on a paleo diet, you should also throw Domino’s Pizza into this mix.

Case in point: Domino’s sales jumped 16% YoY in Q2 to $920m

That’s during a period when 15k+ sit-in restaurants have closed, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Further, 2 notable pizza competitors — California Pizza Kitchen and the parent company of Pizza Hut (NPC International) — have recently filed for bankruptcy.

The $16B pizza giant has particularly benefited from its focus on digital sales over the years. Per WSJ, a quick-service restaurant typically does 5-10% of sales online; Domino’s was at 65% last year and 75% today.

What’s its secret?

Domino’s made a handful of key moves that prepared it for this moment:

  • It created its own point-of-sale system for all 6k US locations
  • The chain made it possible to order through any channel: desktop, smartphone, Twitter, a Samsung TV, Amazon Echo, Slack, FB Messenger
  • It introduced “zero-click ordering”: open the app and your favorite pizza is ordered within 10 seconds
  • In the works? Autonomous delivery and e-bike delivery

Our favorite innovation: the cardboard pedestal for contactless delivery.

We reached out to Domino’s to see if the genius inventor of this product received a promotion (no response yet).

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