WORLD CITIES: Virtual Trip and Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Field Trip & Scavenger Hunt (GOOGLE EXPEDITIONS): WORLD CITIES

Virtual field trips are an amazing tool to use to take students on fun learning experiences from the comfort of your classroom (or living room during distance learning!).

Around the globe, most of Earth’s citizens live and work in cities. A few cities are so large, wealthy, historic, or beautiful that they are world famous, attracting thousands of tourists and visitors. This virtual field trip takes you on a tour of six of the world’s most impressive cities and the sights you can see there. First you will visit Tokyo, New York and San Francisco. Then you will go to Paris and London, followed with a final visit to Hong Kong in China.

As the students go through this Google Expedition, they will be asked to complete an accompanying scavenger hunt by answering open-ended questions about the different places they are exploring.

What’s Needed:
All you need is a set of mobile devices for the students and a device for yourself (the guide/teacher) that all have the free “Google Expeditions App” before downloading your expedition. To make the activity a truly immersive VR experience, you will also need VR headsets for the students (NOT included in this resource), but it is STILL possible to participate in the virtual field trips without a VR headset.

When I use this in my classroom as a whole class activity, the students usually work in groups of three, so I use about 10 viewers. However, you can also use it as a part of a station rotation activity, so you would only need a couple of viewers.

What’s Included:
-Instructions on how to download and use the Google Expedition App for the virtual field trip
-Instructions on how to how to use the Google Expedition App with and without a “guide”
-Link to six 360-degrees panoramic virtual field tours of some of the world’s cities.
-PDF version of the scavenger hunt
-Editable Word version of the scavenger hunt to meet the needs of your students and to be able to customize their learning experience.
-Editable Google Document of the scavenger hunt (which can be used/assigned in Google Classrooms™)
-Editable Google Form of the scavenger hunt (which can be used/assigned in -Google Classrooms™)
-Answer key to the scavenger hunt
-Extension ideas

Who is it for?
This resource would best service students in middle and high school.

Terms of Service:
Thank you for downloading this resource. This resource is available for you to use in your classroom or for homeschooling with your own kid(s). Please do not share this resource with your colleagues. Feel free to send them to my store to purchase their own copy or additional license.

Please don’t forget to leave feedback if you like my product or have suggestions to how I can improve it.

Happy Hunting

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